The Baby Lodge Reports Their Child Safety Locks Receive Great Reviews

The product launch was a huge success and Amazon purchasers are providing this product with five star reviews, announces

The Baby Lodge reports their child safety cabinet lock product launch was a huge success and customers and bloggers alike are loving this product. In fact, many Amazon purchasers have now provided this product with a five star review and rave about how wonderful it is. Moms and dads looking to childproof their home need to look into this item, as it provides the protection they desire at a price they will love.

"According to, the leading cause of death in children under the age of 15 continues to be unintentional injury, and more than 33 percent of these injuries take place in the home. In fact, injuries of this type lead to emergency room visits for many, and almost 70 percent of those who die from an unintentional injury are four years of age or younger. The reason for this is children of this age spend most of their time in the home," Phyllis Greene, spokesperson for The Baby Lodge, announces.

The Baby Lodge Child Safety Cabinet Locks feature a lock size of 2.4 x 1.6 inches, the largest currently available. As a result, the locks offer the largest surface area and the largest hold and strength. Children will find these locks, which feature 3M adhesive, impossible to breach and will give up, providing parents with peace of mind when they have to step away for a moment or two.

"Supervision remains the best possible way to avoid an accident or unintentional injury in the home, yet parents cannot stand over their children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those that do so find their child never learns to be independent. These locks allow parents a moment or two to walk into another room, and they are easy to install and remove and easy for adults to unlock. The only place these locks cannot be used is on heated surfaces," Greene continues.

Parents love the locks as they offer unmatched versatility. There is no need to worry about the spacing of handles, knobs on cabinets, the thickness of the cabinet or the furniture material, as the child safety cabinet locks will work on all devices. In fact, the company is so sure parents will love these products, they offer a 731 day money-back guarantee.

"Every person who has purchased this product on Amazon has given it a five star review, saying things like they are perfect everywhere, including on loose cabinets that fail to shut properly. Installation is easy and the locks don't budge, as the reviews explain. Best of all, they can be opened with only one hand, which is all parents seem to ever have available! To learn more about this amazing product, check out the video review on The Baby Lodge's new product. You are sure to be impressed," Greene declares.

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The Baby Lodge understands it is tough to raise a child, but parents have no regrets. The company strives to help parents bring their kids up in the best possible manner and offers products designed to help them achieve this goal.

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