The Average Price of Used Car Parts in Australia Have Increased by Over 40 Per Cent

A1 Express Car Removal focuses on its hassle-free scrap car removal service to accommodate the growing number of car scrap orders.

A1 Express Car Removal has begun to focus on offering a hassle-free scrap car removal service to coincide with the growing number of people scrapping their vehicles. Since 2013, car spare parts have jumped in price by around 44 per cent, making it much more expensive to repair older vehicles due to the lack of availability for old car parts. In response to this, car owners are now starting to scrap their vehicles in order to purchase something more modern, or they’re even going without vehicles and opting to use public transportation instead.

In response to this unusual change in the used car market, A1 Express Car Removal is working hard to provide an improved scrap car removal service that is faster, more efficient, and more convenient for customers. The company has reviewed its policies and now offers a quick service that will not try to haggle customers for a lower price and will use market-standard pricing to ensure that every customer gets a quick quote and a great deal.

Security and reliability are more important than ever these days because of the growing number of counterfeit car parts in circulation among car repair services and companies. These counterfeit car parts have become much more common since the COVID-19 health crisis and they’re usually purchased by car owners that are trying to save money on their car repairs and annual maintenance. The sale of these counterfeit car parts are often linked to serious criminal activity and can pose great risks to both drivers and repair services. These counterfeit car parts usually end up in a mechanic or garage’s inventory because they are sold very cheaply by fake services or other customers.

A1 Express Car Removal currently has over 180 5-star reviews on Google–a testament to the quality of service that the company can provide.

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