The ArT Wine Preserver is an Engineer-Designed Wine Preserver Using Science to Keep Wine Fresher for Longer

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Live on Kickstarter, The ArT Wine Preserver is The Easiest Way to Keep Wine Fresh

ArT Wine Preserver, the all-new iteration of one of the top rated wine preservers on the market, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

It happens to wine drinkers worldwide- opening a bottle of wine to have a glass or two, putting it away to finish later, and a few days after opening it again only to find that it’s already spoiled. In the United States alone, an estimated one and a half billion dollars of wine is dumped every year.

"Visiting Sonoma, California inspired me to start drinking wine. As I toured the vineyards, I saw the art and science behind producing fine wines, along with the back-breaking work that goes into making it. Sometimes the staff comes in as early as 4:00 a.m. to work in the fields. The journey to produce a bottle of wine is truly exceptional. Seeing all of this firsthand really put the process into perspective,” says founder Ryan Frederickson on the inspiration behind the project. “I felt it was such a shame that after all of this hard work, a large portion of the wine they create ends up down someone’s drain. It became my mission to reduce this waste.”

ArT Wine Preserver® was created so drinkers can enjoy every drop of their wine, without waste; helping to save wine, money and the planet. Consumers can finally have the flexibility to enjoy their wine, without waste. For those that drink a bottle per week, the team at ArT Wine Preserver estimates that it can save people up to $300 per year by their preserver. And what's more, each sip will taste just as fresh and delicious as the first.

ArT’s simple design uses pure argon gas to displace oxygen. Argon is the preferred method to prevent oxidation in wine. Argon is a safe, non-toxic product often used when bottling high end wine. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) uses similar technology. MAP is the most common technique to prevent food oxidation and food waste. The team at ArT scaled down this technology because of its performance and simplicity.

After drinking wine, users apply 2 seconds of ArT into the bottle and seal with the included stopper. Fresh wine can then be preserved for 7-30 days and each container of ArT can preserve up 40 bottles. The first generation of ArT Wine Preserver is already a top rated wine-preserver on Amazon with a category leading 4.5 average star rating.

“My background as an engineer in the argon industry certainly helped with the initial design. But I think we did so well with our first generation product because ArT Wine Preserver is the easiest way to keep wine fresh. We don't use gimmicks or expensive part. Plus we manufacturer locally, in Chicagoland which has helped us outperform competitors,” adds Frederickson.

ArT Wine is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About ArT Wine Preserver®

ArT Wine Preserver was developed in 2016 by Purdue engineering alumni Ryan Frederickson to preserve wine. The first generation of their product is one of Amazon's top rated wine accessories and a part of their mission to reduce waste.

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