The Anticipated Return of Cybershinu

Cybershinu continues to create new trends, and the company is confident that its Tokenomics will propel it to new heights.

Cybershinu, the most popular dog-themed currency, has returned. From January 5th to January 19th, the company will start selling tokens as early as 11 a.m. EST. Their purpose remains the same: to build a humane society for all inhabitants. People may wonder how they plan to accomplish this. Taxes and fees are added to many other coins these days at a rate of 10% or more. Cybershinu isn't like that; they'd never deceive one of their own Cybershis. That would be in direct opposition to what Cybershinu stands for. The company will use Cybershinu's Tokenomics to bring their concept to life.

The Tokenomics of Cybershinu

Cybershinu has broken down exactly how they will achieve their goal without charging taxes, fees, or delving into their budget for future initiatives by using Tokenomics, which is the economics of tokens. There are five different categories that consist of Tokenomics. DEX/CEX gets 50%, Staking gets 20%, Pre-Sale gets 20%, Team gets 5%, and Locked-Incentives gets 5%.

The locked incentives are 5% of the allocated tokens that are held in escrow for a year. The team is also putting aside 5%, which will be utilized for marketing, unanticipated taxes, and contributions. There is a fixed supply of 100B tokens for the pre-sale. They plan to sell tokens for $0.0005 each. Because the pre-sale is so important to the Cybershinu mission, if it doesn't reach the requisite 20%, the remaining tokens will have to be burnt. It's never too late to become a Cybershi and help the cause. The Cybershis play a crucial role in bringing the dream to life.

Staking is the practice of purchasing coins and storing them in a wallet for a set period of time in order to earn interest on that money. The interest is then added to the wallet balance. The higher the rewards, the longer the coins remain in the wallet. After the pre-sale, the staking, which will be 20%, will be implemented. The final step is straightforward. The remaining 50% is divided into 20 percent DEX and 30 percent CEX liquidity, which will be locked.

For day one Cybershis who contribute consistently and are interested in the company's new developments. Cybershinu is still fine-tuning their wallet integrations and brainstorming ideas for their NFT comic book, and has even created a few sketches that bring the dog-token meta to life. Anyone can contribute to the evolution by participating in the presale and officially becoming a Cybershi.

Contact Info:
Name: Cybershinu
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Organization: Cybershinu
Phone: (240) 803-3180

Release ID: 89058836