The Alexa Skill SEO Agency Launches

New Amazon Skill, SEO Agency delivers the most important SEO news to their customer’s Alexa making learning easier and more efficient.

SEO is one of the most important skills people need in the 21st century. SEO is how business entrepreneurs can ensure that their website and content stands out and is an essential skill for anyone working in marketing and advertising. Even small side hustling bloggers will see a significant difference in their results when they understand the basic principles of SEO.

Learning about SEO can be quite tiring. Many websites focus on providing as much information about SEO as possible (a technique that actually helps their own SEO) but don’t break subjects down or provide bite-sized chunks to work with. This means that whenever people try to research SEO, they end up with a lot of information but not a lot of understanding.

But learning about SEO shouldn’t have to be so frustrating. There is a solution.

Amazon Skills are an ideal way to learn through conversation and interaction with Alexa and SEO Agency brings its customers all the information they need to add value to their businesses and gain a true understanding of what SEO means and how it can be applied.

Every week this Amazon skill delivers the most important SEO news to the customer’s Alexa device. The news is curated to help customers run their SEO agency more smoothly and add more value to their clients. Alternatively, customers might prefer to tailor the information to fulfil their own needs. For example, a business owner or entrepreneur may require a more general overview of SEO first before picking out the most relevant areas.

The best part of working with Alexa like this is that customers don’t have to waste time trawling the internet for newsworthy headlines and relevant information. Alexa can - and does - do that so that customers don’t have to. This ensures that only the most interesting stories are presented to the client, maximizing efficiency and allowing them to develop their knowledge at their own pace.

To get started, customers just need to add SEO Agency to their flash briefing. This easy to access by asking Alexa by saying: “Alexa, give me my flash briefing!” or “Alexa, what’s in the news?” It really couldn’t be any easier.

For more information about SEO Agency, please email Please address any postal queries to 602 Higgins Ave, Suite 1-300, Brielle, NJ 08730 and check out their website for all the information you need.

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