The Adrian Rubin Trust Announces Scholarship Opportunity

High School and Early College Students Encouraged to Submit Application Online

A new scholarship opportunity recently announced by the Adrian Rubin Trust has officially been opened and is currently accepting new applications. Students are eligible to receive a scholarship award of $1,200 in a surprisingly simple application process. Qualified applicants should be either a current high school senior who has been already received acceptance into a college or university, or currently in a college or university and who have not yet received their undergraduate degree.

This scholarship application is available online and can be completed by filling out a simple application form and writing a short essay of approximately 500 words. The topic of the essay for this season is, “What is one attribute that sets you apart from the other applicants?" Candidate students should carefully consider their response before submitting their essay. The form and submission are completed online at and must be completed no later than November 1, 2019.

Although many essays are expected to be submitted for consideration, each one will be personally reviewed by Mr. Rubin. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to help less fortunate students continue their college education and encourage their success. Mr. Rubin honors education and believes in giving youth a chance to shine. His own success as a creative director and technology expert stems from a strong foundation of support and mentoring. Rubin intends to continue contributing to his local community in a variety of mindful ways that encourage and uplift others.

The scholarship application deadline is November 1, 2019 and the winner will be announced and contacted in December 2019. Upon contact and acceptance of the scholarship award, the funds will be forwarded directly to the Financial Aid office at the respective college or university. The Trust wishes all students the best of luck in their scholarship application and future educational endeavors.

Contact Info:
Name: Adrian Rubin
Email: Send Email
Organization: The Adrian Rubin Trust

Release ID: 515995