The Abortion Debate Affects Higher Education

If ever there has been a subject that is rife with controversy and grey areas, it would be the debate around abortion. Ever since the ruling of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion, the debates have only intensified. 

It has been 45 years and there are still states who strongly oppose abortion and leave students with a very tenuous state of sexual freedom. If a girl falls pregnant, she and her partner are left with very few options, none of which have a great outcome.

Abortion vs. Women’s rights

Female activists and feminists all over the world believe that every woman has the right to reproductive justice. Some believe that it ties in with civil rights because pregnancies have a direct impact on educational success. 

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The Guttmacher Institute outlines the figures comprehensively and states that more than 50% of all abortions are done on patients who are in their twenties. When one considers that 18% of all pregnancies, excluding miscarriages, end in abortion. 

The odds of completing a college degree

If one considers the likelihood of a pregnant student or one who has a young child to complete a college degree, the odds are stacked against them. This is partly due to the insufficient child support that these students receive. 

Many research papers support this assumption and although there is no discrimination against students who are parenting or pregnant, the programs require too much of these students. They are subsequently pushed out of college due to unfair disciplinary policies. 

Stepping in their shoes

According to critics, abortion is an act of selfishness and irresponsibility. This is the leading misconception and a view that many of the nay-sayers choose to stand by. They feel that the step to opt for an abortion is not well thought through and that the repercussions are immense. 

However, there are essay examples in which the data shows that one in seven women have abortions to continue their careers. They feel justified in their decisions because when they are ready to have children, that they will be in a better position to care for the child. 

What colleges are doing to “help”

The abortion technology future looks to be in favor of the students who wish to abort early in the pregnancy. It was not too long ago that California became the first state to require public universities to provide abortion medication to any student on request, given that the fetus is not more than ten weeks old. 

There are new research papers titles that have indicated that students found in difficult to obtain an abortion, but that the appropriate medication at the right time would reduce the barriers and provide the students with enough time to make an informed decision. 

The hidden curriculum

When it comes to medical schools, there are a number of them who impose a hidden curriculum. These schools do not adequately prepare future doctors on how to talk with their patients who seek an abortion. In these schools, the hidden curriculum is rife with judgment and enforcing the stigma that revolves around abortions. 

Of course, many of these schools do not require students who are religiously opposed to abortions to complete any sort of training regarding the procedure. This only fuels the stigma around abortion further. 

However, regardless of a physician’s religious or personal views, all doctors need basic training in abortions to improve their relationships with their patients. When they have a basic knowledge about the procedure itself, but also the psychological effects, they will be better suited to deal with their patients. 

The line in the sand

Reproductive rights are not the same everywhere in the world and in some areas, the laws tend to lean towards the absurd or inhumane. Even if the pregnancy is likely to end in a stillborn child or when the woman’s health is at risk, there is still no leniency for the woman. 

The sad truth is that there are reasons that stretch beyond educational rights that do justify abortion and it is these cases are treated as equal to a student’s ambition, which is not fair to those who have fallen pregnant, not due to their own choices. 


There will probably never be a day where states and legislators will agree around the debate of abortion and reproductive health. Although there are seemingly legitimate reasons why a person might opt for an abortion, there are also reasons that do not make a very strong argument. Regardless of the reason for the procedure, there is still much to debate and before a definitive conclusion to the matter can be reached. 

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