THCClean Publishes New Advice To Help Those On Road To Recovery Detox and Stay Clean

THCClean has created new resources that help people understand how to effectively detox after a period of Marijuana use, with advice on short notice options for passing drugs tests.

THCClean has published new information and resources that will give hope to those applying for jobs that require pre-application drug testing. The new resources have been created in order to help those on the road to recovery find recourse to action, even when the drug tests have been announced with little notice. These resources provide a means to pass the test and secure a job, which in turn can provide the stability and income individuals need to support their recovery.

The website has already published guidelines for a standard pre-employment screening, explaining the best ways to prepare for a drug test with adequate notice. This has helped hundreds of people purge the traces of THC in their bloodstream, which can continue to affect the brain and exacerbate feelings of addiction for up to three months after marijuana was last smoked. The updated resources focus on how to pass a test as soon as possible, if necessary even before the body has been fully detoxed.

This short notice option for passing recommends the use of products designed to mimic the detoxed condition, so that people can pass the test and secure the employment they need to get their life back on track and structure their time. This in turn makes maintaining sobriety much easier in the long term.

A spokesperson for THCClean explained, “The vicious cycle that traps so many of our readers comes from unannounced drug testing. This prevents them from being able to secure employment. If people can’t work, they can’t earn money, which means some may turn to drugs or even criminality to cope. This only perpetuates the problem. We have published new resources to help people successfully pass these tests, in order to help them get clean and stay clean for the long term. We hope these resources help more people than ever secure a job.”

About THCClean: THCClean is an online resource center created to help people who have been exposed to THC pass their pre-employment tests. The website has been established for over two years, and regularly updates with the latest approaches, tools and techniques individuals can use to get clean and stay clean after a period of marijuana use.

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