Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery Announces Informational Website Launch

Site informs potential patients of possible solutions to brain and spine problems, reports the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery.

The Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery has announced an informational site designed to let sufferers of pain and disease know of their options for achieving an active, pain-free lifestyle. Surprisingly, the site does not answer every question with "surgery." Instead, it notes that the Institute's standard practice is to try non-surgical options first whenever possible.

"Very few conditions present situations where it is appropriate to proceed directly to the operating room," said Natalie Drake of the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery. "In many cases, less-invasive options will provide the desired relief. When pain is the problem, we offer a variety of injections and can work with pain management programs to provide results without surgery."

Sometimes, though, it is best to move directly to surgery. This is the case with some tumors of the brain and spine that are known not to respond to radiation treatments. "Not every tumor can be irradiated into remission, and in some cases, chemotherapy won't be effective either," Drake said. "In other cases, patients may prefer to go the surgical route rather than try to endure the side-effects of chemo. If a tumor is surgically accessible, it can be easier on the patient to physically excise it via surgery. Our chief surgeon, Dr. Brent Morgan, can examine the patient and case history to determine whether this will be a good move."

Dr. Morgan is known for his skills as a neurosurgeon Plano. He provided lifesaving brain surgery to remove a tumor from one patient, Juan Salazar, who had been estimated to have only months to live without the operation. Even so, he knows that surgery isn't always the answer. Another patient's migraine-inducing tumor was eliminated with highly-focused radiation. "Some tumors will respond to radiation, while others are far more resistant," Drake noted.

The Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery doesn't limit itself to treating brain tumors. Dr. Morgan is also a top back surgeon Richardson. He has been able to help patients who weren't able to get relief elsewhere, and his office's results are backed up by many positive Press Ganey reviews. Dr. Morgan's site urges people to contact him for a second opinion before giving up. In most cases, pain can be greatly reduced or even outright eliminated.

Back problems and pain result from a variety of causes, and therefore, a variety of solutions are employed to take care of these issues. Accidents can cause disk compression and fractures, while other issues can result in pinched nerves and similar difficulties. The Institute will always pay close attention to the specifics of a case so that it can recommend the solution that is most likely to provide relief.

About the Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery

The Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery is led by Dr. Brent Morgan, a top spine surgeon Plano. The doctor has been practicing since 1997, and offers a variety of both surgical and non-surgical methods for relieving back pain, repairing spine damage, and treating brain tumors and other neurological problems. The clinic has excellent reviews and high patient satisfaction rates.

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