Tether Tug Dog Toy Company Launches Simple New Affiliate Program

With 10% commission, 90-day tracking, creative banners ready to go, and other perks, new program makes it easy to get started, Tether Tug announces

Tether Tug, the makers of one of the most innovative and popular outdoor dog toys on the market, announced the details of a generous new free affiliate program. Participants in the Tether Tug Dog Toy Affiliate program will receive 10% commissions on every sale they generate, with 90-day cookie tracking ensuring that even visitors who take some time to make a purchase will be accounted for.

Tools provided through the ShareASale and LinkConnector networks ensure easy management and timely payment of commissions, while a range of attractive, creative Tether Tug banners and other assets make it easy to get started with the new program. By working with one of the fastest-growing Interactive Dog Toy companies today, Tether Tug affiliates can earn rewarding commissions and introduce their own visitors to an exciting, high-quality product.

"We're happy to announce that we have launched our new affiliate program and are now accepting our first partners," Tether Tug representative Matt Price said, "Tether Tug is a great way to help dogs get some health-enhancing outdoor exercise, and our customers are some of the most enthusiastic and loyal in the industry, as a result. We think this new program is going to be a great opportunity for bloggers, forum maintainers, affiliate marketers, and anyone else who loves dogs. We've made it extremely easy to get started and succeed with our new program, and we invite all who are interested to come sign up."

Healthy, energetic dogs can add much to the lives of their owners, but they can also be a handful. Dogs that are not given opportunities to expend their energy in appropriate ways will sometimes become destructive, even to the point of tearing up expensive furniture and other family possessions. Being active is also important to canine health, just as with humans, and some owners do not always have time to enable such opportunities for their pets.

The Tether Tug family of dog toys provides an effective, compelling answer to these common problems and associated ones. Sharing a simple, rugged design that holds up to the most energetic play, the Tether Tug toys are available in a range of sizes suitable for dogs of any breed. With the springy, flexible central pole enabling engaging, exciting action, the Tether Tug is an easy, hands-off way for owners to make sure that their beloved dogs get all the exercise they want and need.

With generous commissions and other attractive features, the new Tether Tug affiliate program will therefore be of great interest to many who love dogs. A simple visit to the Tether Tug website allows for an easy, free application, with only the display of the provided Tether Tug assets being needed thereafter. Tether Tug affiliates will receive 10% commissions on sales generated within 90 days of an initial referral, in addition to access to special deals, a monthly newsletter, and a regularly updated product feed. Combined with a dedicated affiliate manager and a lack of PPC restrictions for SEM affiliates, these factors make the new Tether Tug program one of the most attractive in the industry.

About Tether Tug:
Encouraging exciting, active play, Tether Tug helps dogs of all sizes expend energy and enjoy happy, healthy lives.

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