TestoMeds-Diagnosing and Treating Low Testosterone in Women

There’s a lot to be said for the relationship between testosterone and women – unfortunately not many people are talking about it. When one thinks of testosterone deficiency one automatically thinks about men. It’s a bit like when people talk about breast cancer, it’s is automatically associated with women.

These assumptions are simply not true – low testosterone affects millions of women worldwide but the sad truth is that not many physicians recognize it as a cause to treat. Testomeds is a company that is trying to change this assumption, one step at a time. Testomeds is the official online distributor of Androfeme, the only licensed pharmaceutical grade topical testosterone cream specifically designed for WOMEN! At last someone out there is taking this issue seriously!

Most physicians are taught to think “inside the pill box” when it comes to diagnosis, that's why so many women with low testosterone go un-diagnosed. Physicians mostly use “given knowledge” from established theories instead of thinking about new and controversial diagnoses. It's understandable, but it feels like physicians are giving limited advice and it's NOT helpful! More information needs to circulate about this condition and treatments like Androfeme, which are available. Women have the right to be treated, just like men!

The name testosterone is derived from the male se x organ “testes” but it's actually an Androgen hormone also found in women. Like all hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol. Women produce testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands throughout adult life and even after menopause. However, when ovaries are removed or one suffers from an associated disease it can lead to an increased risk of developing testosterone deficiency. There are other high risk factors to consider as well, like the effects of certain prescription drugs and menopause. During menopause testosterone production can decline by as much as 50%!

The risk of developing low testosterone increases with age but it can strike at any point in a woman's life. It's so important to recognize the symptoms yourself!
So, what are the main symptoms?

Just like in men, testosterone affects se xual desire and performance. A woman who has low testosterone will find herself with a decreased sense of se xual desire and will not enjoy s ex as much as she used to. She may also experience vaginal dryness on a regular basis. Other symptoms of testosterone deficiency include low energy levels, mood swings, brittle hair, decreased bone and muscle strength and even depression. Many cases of mild depression can be attributed to low testosterone levels but the physicians think about this from “within the pill box” and usually just go ahead and treat with anti-depressants.

So, how will treating low testosterone help you?
Testosterone therapy primarily treats low se xual desire and satisfaction. Along with this comes an improvement in self-image and higher energy levels. An increased feeling of wellbeing leads the way to comes overcoming mild depression, without anti-depressants. There will also be an improvement in lean muscle mass and bone density, both of which are especially beneficial for ladies going through Menopause and beyond. The muscle mass helps to maintain body shape and the improvement of bone density helps to prevent fractures caused by Osteoporosis (a condition many older women suffer from). Improving quality of life in these “golden years” could be the key to keeping good health well into your old age!

With all this in mind, why do so many people miss the symptoms? Why is so little unknown about treatments? The answer is that there aren't many treatments out there. Androfeme is one of the only ones and it's the only licensed topical testosterone cream for women. Find out more at Testomeds.com.

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