TestMax Nutrition Reveals How Men Over 40 Struggling With Belly Fat Can Increase T-Levels and Melt Fat

TestMax Nutrition is a detailed meal plan and nutrition system designed only for men 40 and older struggling to remove stubborn belly fat that boost men's T-levels for maximum fat burning and strength building.

The team at TestMax Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new program, which is designed to help men over 40 years old optimize their male hormone production for maximum belly fat burn.

Clark Bartram, founder of TestMax Nutrition, is a 53 year old male who was struggling with hormonal imbalance and weight gain just a few years ago. Through his research, Bartram discovered that his struggle was due to his deteriorating hormonal system, and this process happens for all men. 

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Today, Bartram has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers and is the #1 Most Subscribed Nutrition Expert for Men Over 40.

As he researched the underlying reasons for his hormonal imbalances, Bartram found that the T-levels in men could be stimulated to continue production by means of a carefully formulated eating plan. Then, he set out to create a step-by-step blueprint for optimizing male T-levels through a combination of specific foods. TestMax Nutrition was born, and it is the world’s first male hormone optimizing eating system made by and for a man over the age of 40. TestMax Nutrition users get a sustainable, easy to follow system with tasty meals designed to enhance male hormones.

As men age the body begins to change and with this change comes a smaller production of critical hormones within the male body. T-Levels, one of the primary hormones for men which contribute to fat burning and muscle growth shrink over time. These levels can be brought up to the levels needed for maximum belly fat burn and muscle growth.

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With TestMax Nutrition, users enjoy a system designed to get rid of belly fat by enhancing the male hormone and sustaining its peak levels without the need for weekly doctor appointments or a lifetime of hormone therapy. Men at all ages can benefit, and men in their 60s and over have benefited from the system.

The male hormone is responsible for a variety of functions, including maintaining muscle mass and strength, burning fat, bone strength, libido, and fertility. When the hormone levels decrease, the body can begin to suffer. These hormone levels fall approximately 1% each year during a male’s 40’s, and up to 95% of men could suffer from insufficient male hormone levels and not even know it.

TestMax Nutrition helps men regain their health by showing men how to sustain optimal levels of those hormones with a simple blueprint showing the exact foods they need. Men learn how to prepare one week’s meals in less than one hour while saving money on food, and all of the meals included are designed to stimulate male hormone production.

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The system offers three phases: hormonal detox; male hormone optimization and recharge; and lifestyle. TestMax Nutrition includes hormone supporting recipes, how to break bad habits, hormone training videos, cooking and hormone guidance videos, and more. Currently, the system also comes with a hormone boosting food catalog, kick-start recipe guide, and hand portion control guide.

Right now, men can enjoy a limited time promotion to celebrate the release of TestMax Nutrition in which the system is available for $100 less than its retail cost and comes with exclusive bonuses. Details can be found at the official website listed below.

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