Tent And Table LLC Introduces Additional Ways For Event Rental Companies To Increase

Tent and Table creates new combinations of inflatable equipment designed to give rental companies a wider variety of potential offers.

Tent and Table, one of the premier U.S. manufacturers of commercial grade inflatable equipment, strives to help rental companies create new exciting product offers to attract more business. The company pays a lot of attention to helping their customers, many of which are party rental companies and event organizers, increase their revenues.

"Inflatable rental industry has grown significantly in the last 5 years," states Kimberly Latko, the company's representative. "Nowadays, many people are not just looking for a simple bounce house for their function. They are searching for new exiting and highly interactive units that suit different ages and activity levels at their events."

Tent and Table management team understands that they need to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and continue providing excellent quality units that the public demands. They also look for ways to create additional equipment that can be used as add-on options by the rental companies to create packaged offers for customers.

One of the exciting units that is currently very popular with event organizers is the Inflatable Wrecking Ball. This unique inflatable product combines several high energy activities into one unit. It can function as a wrecking ball, a joust, a boxing ring, or even as a simple bounce house. The Wrecking Ball also allows people to be involved from the outside of the unit, which is an unusual feature among inflatable equipment. Usually, people who are not inside the inflatable have to wait in line while others have fun. Therefore, this specific bouncer creates more interaction and involvement of event attendees.

"Additionally, we want to show rentals companies how to increase their average sale by adding on other equipment," says Latko. "There are many possibilities, such as boxing gloves, joust poles and other add-on items, that can create more revenue with a minimal investment. In our market we get $50 to add on boxing gloves or $50 for joust poles, which gets added on to the rental price. This allows the business owner to recoup the initial investment for the add-on items in just a few rentals. Our goal is to equip our clients to be able to grow their business. When this happens, everybody benefits."

About Tent and Table
With over 25 years in the party rental business, Tent and Table is in a position to know firsthand what consumers want. They use this knowledge to help other rental services to stock their shops with the most requested items. The company's website, http://tentandtable.net, has an inventory that is always being updated, so customers can feel comfortable that they can always go to them for the most modern items available.

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