TENS Unit Shop Proud to Announce the Launch of Tensunitshop.Com

TENS Unit Shop recently launched a new website that will make ordering easier and more efficient.

TENS Unit Shop’s new website, http://tensunitshop.com/, has recently opened to many positive reviews. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, a process that uses low voltage electric currents to treat pain. The site offers a variety of TENS products, and in addition, TENS Unit Shop is also offering free shipping and free returns on all products, all the time.

TENS products are known for targeting muscle tissue and nerves through the skin to relieve pain. Studies have shown that this targeted electrical nerve stimulation encourages the body to release endorphins – a natural neurochemical that helps to eliminate pain. This treatment is safe and noninvasive and works for chronic and acute pain caused by such conditions as injury or arthritis.

By using small electrical currents, TENS units can reduce the sensation of pain in isolated areas through mild, controlled electric shock. The feeling of electrical currents is often described as a light tingling, similar to when arm or leg falls asleep. The electrical currents employed by TENS units work to reduce the activity of pain perceiving areas in the brain. Nociceptor processing, which is a function responsible for pain sensation in the peripheral nervous system, is also reduced or suppressed by this electrical stimulation.

Kelly Sutherland was one of the first customers to place an order with the new website. “I was thrilled with how easy it was to place my order. Within a few days, I had my TENS product and was able to begin feeling relief almost immediately. My doctor could not believe the difference in my range of motion after I began using my TENS product. Since that first order, I purchased two more – one for my brother and one for my father, both have been suffering from chronic back pain for years.” Many customers return to the website and purchase TENS products for their friends and family who suffer from chronic or acute pain.

TENS Unit Shop is known for offering the most trusted electrical therapy devices in the industry. With the launch of the new website, ordering has become faster and easier. TENS Unit Shop stands behind all of their products with a one-year warranty. All of the units that are sold on the website are expertly selected for performance and effectiveness. These high-quality units ensure that everyone are getting advanced technology from a reliable source.

While visiting the TENS Unit Shop website at http://tensunitshop.com/ customers are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter allows customers to receive offers of discounts and information about the newest products available for pain relief.

About TENS Unit Shop:
TENS Unit Shop is a medical supply company with a focus on TENS units, particularly the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009, a small unit with numerous medical and pain relief benefits and TENS Unit Pads.

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