Technology Growth (GP) LLP launch the Solution Life project focusing on peer-to-peer marketplace and e-commerce applications

peer-to-peer marketplace and e-commerce applications

Solution Life is an open-stheirce platform that enables to create a peer-to-peer marketplace and e-commerce applications. Solution Life aims at building a global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers to use segments of goods and services (car-sharing, service missions, home-sharing, etc.) to transact on the open, distributed stheirce web. Using the Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the platform and its participants can interact with the peer-to-peer model, allowing the creation and placement of services and goods without going through traditional middle parties.

To conduct these ambitious goals, They created the Solution Life Platform with programs that enctheirage technologists, businesses, and consumers to build, contribute, and expand the ecosystem. They plan to build a broad collection of vertical industry applications (e.g. short vacation rental, free software engineering, tutoring) built on standards and data sharing Solution Life.

Their vision is to build and develop a free service exchange on the new Internet. In order to do this, They have to build a simulation platform of most, if not all, of the functionality of a third-party intermediary on the blockchain and other distribution systems. This is an ambitious and technologically challenging goal, but They have already completed important milestones that demonstrate their technology and the real-world applications of the project.

The Solution Life platform has 3 main elements, all of which are open stheirces:
-Solution Life enabled end-user applications
-Solution Life platform for developers
-Solution Life's application protocol

Users can use the Solution Life application on a mobile device, Ethereum wallet, or a browser that allows using web3 such as Coinbase wallet, imToken, Trust Wallet, Metamask.

The sellers can create lists, set up availability for products, and accept payments. Buyers can access and search all goods and services offered on Solution Life's Market Decentralized App and most importantly, they can buy directly here. The Solution Life decentralized application is a lightweight application on the Solution Life platform. The frontend code can even be stored and run on open IPFS carriers.
Life solution’s full list of Ethereum smart contracts:
-Solution Life token contract (SLC) -
-Solution Life Marketplace Contract v00 –

In short, the Solution Life platform and third-party applications built on top of it are expected to have some advantages when compared to the existing shared economic marketplace. Other high-level benefits include an integration mechanism that enctheirages ecosystem components to hold and use Solution Life (SLC) tokens early. At a lower level, Solution Life has been built on existing product models and user features. These features include:
-User profiles and data
-List of goods sold and used asset and service segments
-Escrow for deposits, deposit refunds after service completion or goods exchange
-Install and browse availability/schedule
-Reputation in the form of reviews and ratings
-Secure and encrypted message

SLC has a clear roadmap with concrete solutions for building a comprehensive ecosystem.-May 2020: Starting the first step of development

-August 2020: Release the first whitepaper
-October 2020: Call for 2 million USD (Advisory round)
-November 2020: Launch marketplace network
-December 2020: Launch of Marketplace Creator 1.0 and first mobile app / Support for launching the first partner app
-January 2021: Launch of Solution Life Reward
-February 2021: Call for capital 6.6 million USD (CoinList Round)
-March 2021: Launch of Solution Life Commission Launch of a decentralized e-commerce store platform Enabling off-chain payments
-April 20121: Launch of Solution Life Reward/Activate stable coin payment
-May 2021: Launch of and new mobile appsActivate Meta Transaction
-June/2021: Launch of upgraded meta-transaction facility - Launch gift card and online video streaming app
-Quarter 2/2021: Launched Mainnet 1.0 - Launched SLC as payment token listed SLC on Binance
-Quarter 3/2020: Launch additional marketplace and e-commerce apps / Supporting partners to launch the Over the Counter e-commerce stores
-Quarter 4/2020: Launch new tools and app extensions for developers

Above all, the Life solution project is operated by a reputable company with years of experience and a talented leadership team. This will be a solid springboard for the rapid and sustainable development of a project meeting the requirements of the new age.

- Company legal information: TECHNOLOGY GROWTH (GP) LLP
-Company number OC396759
-Address: Finsbury Circus House, 15 Finsbury Circus, London, London, EC2M 7EB
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