TEC Wellness Announces Release of Compact Design Slow Juicer for All-Purpose Health & Wellness.

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This health & wellness company has combined the best of all worlds by creating an easy to use, compact slow juicer that promotes a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

New masticating slow juicer promises the best in juicing of vegetables and fruits for optimum health and wellness.

As obesity and health related issues continue to plague the U.S. and the majority of the industrialized world, the necessity of eating and living healthy is more important than ever. One of the biggest ways to maximize health and wellness is to utilize only what nature has provided – fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most people find fresh fruits and vegetables to be bulky and difficult to keep at home. Besides the space taken up within the refrigerator and counter space, each will rot and ruin in a few short days. Those who elect for canned or processed equivalents often find these to be filled with preservatives and chemicals designed to provide shelf stability and longevity at the expense of losing most of the vitamins and minerals found in the original fruit or vegetable.

TEC Wellness is a quickly growing company offering a new masticating slow juicer designed to maximize the best of fruits and vegetables while minimizing the oxidation process – the process that leads to rotting. This means staying as close to what nature provides without the unfortunate loss that is inevitable.

Unlike the centrifugal juicers, the TEC Wellness slow juicer uses the slow masticating process, resulting in 30 percent more juice from each piece of fruit or vegetable. The juicer also has the best of all worlds in a juicing machine – portable, lightweight and compact. The powerful 200 watt motor spins at only 40 r.p.m., making the machine quiet and virtually vibration free.

TEC Wellness’ juicer will accept any fruit or vegetable, from the largest of apples and grapefruit to the smallest herbs. Even harder meats such as coconut is no match for the powerful motor.

While pulp has additional health benefits when incorporated with the juice itself, many do not find the pulp palatable and do not want it included in their juicing experience. The TEC Wellness juicer provides a pulp free juice and also comes with a free pulp strainer. This proprietary strainer removes approximately 99.9 percent of the pulp – a much higher percentage than the closest competitor.

Once done with the juicing experience, the TEC Wellness juicer breaks down into large component parts in four quick steps, making cleaning a snap. The included brush is designed specifically to function with the juicer, even further making the cleaning process simple.

Two stainless steel straws are included with the juicer, this minimizing waste from disposable plastic and paper straws. This means the TEC Wellness juicer is also environmentally friendly for those conscious of such issues.

A variety of delicious recipes are available on the website for those who are new to the juicing experience. This minimizes the research and taste testing that new juicers struggle with as they begin juicing, saving money and time in the process.

The TEC Wellness Slow Juicer has just been released on Amazon.com. To celebrate, TEC Wellness is giving away a special 20% off Amazon discount coupon code to try their Slow Jucier. This way more people can experience the amazing benefits of drinking fresh, nutritious juice! To get yours now, visit https://juicerpromo.com/coupon-special. The TEC Wellness Slow Juicer has a very limited supply, so you will need to act fast to get your discount code.

The TEC Wellness juicer is available at Amazon.com, a leading online retailer. Interested juicing enthusiasts will find Amazon.com a perfect shopping experience with its safe, secure checkout and a review section that is free from bias and hand picked reviews. Customers can be sure of their purchase before making it and if not satisfied, TEC Wellness offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

You can visit the TEC Wellness Amazon.com e-store at https://amzn.to/2P14olc

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