Tearu – The Renowned Supplier and Distributor of Car Detailing Equipment

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Tearu introduces its company and product line that it offers to customers.

To begin a detailing business, the owner requires suitable car detailing equipment. And that’s something more than just a towel, soap, and a bucket – as any specialized detailer knows, there’s significantly more to work than that. The appropriate detailing tools are crucial as they make the job simpler and bring superior results. Moreover, spending a lot on auto detailing kits implies that one can run an efficient business and earn more money. Tearu is one of the pioneering units in supplying and distributing car detailing equipment in Vietnam. To bring genuine quality to users, the company always offers excellent shopping, paying and product experience.

Tearu was established quite early when car detailing in Vietnam was still about to become a potential industry. With a vast supply of professional motorcycle washing tools to users, domestic consumers have had additional quality choices since that time. Surpassing consumers’ expectations across Vietnam, the company’s staff has continuously researched, discovered, and learned about the latest technology with complete determination to provide superior products to fulfill business needs such as vehicle care services of investors.

The company specializes in supplying and distributing the following product line which includes: ben raising car wash machines, bridge lifting one cylindrical wash cars Tegore, spray foam snow Okazune, air compressors, Okazune car vacuum cleaner, washers automobiles Okazune, and specialized car washing tools of several widespread domestic as well as foreign brands, for example, Kouritsu, Pagasus, Pallas, Lutian, Sonax. Therefore, all the products distributed by Tearu company are precious, with clear origin. Also, the company is committed to offering customers excellent service utilities, for example, nationwide delivery, prestigious warranty, online ordering, consulting support, completely free answers, responsibility. When it comes to Tearu, customers will be actively consulted by its experienced professionals to own quality, suitable, and the best affordable products.

Although it has gained initial success in offering users superior quality and proper technology equipment, Tearu aims to provide repair and quality inspection equipment for motorbikes and cars. This equipment stems from foreign brands at a reasonable price, completely dominating the market share. With all that has been, is and will be done, Tearu constantly maintains a direction to allow customers to comprehend the product details they require. The guideline in that activities is that the achievement of the company’s consumers is the driving force and joy for the company. Understanding that not just selling, Tearu also ensures to offer appropriate products, trustworthy and a good warranty, besides a long-term maintenance support policy. Therefore, selecting Tearu will surely be the right as well as the most intelligent decision of customers. Visit this place to feel the actual values and get served in a highly professional and kind way!
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About the Company: Tearu is the leading company supplying and distributing high-quality car detailing equipment at affordable rates.

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Name: Nguyen Huu Trung
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Address: Lot B1.4 Thanh Ha Urban Area, Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City