Team Health Care Clinic: New and Innovative Programs in Minnesota Treat Chronic Back Pain and Neuropathy Naturally

Believing the body can heal itself naturally, their neuropathy and chronic pain treatment plans emphasize the bodies ability to heal itself without drugs, or surgery. For patients with symptoms of neuropathy, or back pain; Team Health Care Clinic has created new treatment methods.

How Team Health Care Clinic is Different

Over 3 million Americans suffer from neuropathy, or nerve pain. All patients seem to suffer with similar symptoms, but receive the same treatment options even though every body is different.

There are hundreds of different treatments that claim to alleviate pain, but most of them only cover up symptoms and don’t get to the root cause of the nerve pain. Which allows nerve damage to worsen over time and become debilitating.

Team Health Care Clinic located in Champlin, MN, has created an innovative and customizable treatment option for patients struggling with neuropathy and chronic back pain. They get to the root cause of pain in each patient and then create the treatment plan from there.

They have recently launched a highly effective neuropathy relief program that can treat:
- Numbness,
- Tingling,
- Balance Problems,
- Diabetic Nerve Pain,
- Sharp Electric Pain.

Innovative Treatment Options

They have created a treatment program that allows the patients body to heal from within. Repairing damaged nerve and tissue, in turn relieving pain and other symptoms of neuropathy. Without the use of medication, or surgery.

"We get to the root cause of your problems with our in-depth consultation and exam. We offer state-of-the-art cutting edge therapies and technologies, utilizing an all-natural approach."

Offering multiple treatment options, they've combined their knowledge of: chiropractic therapies, physical therapy, restorative therapy, nutritional adjustments, and more. All to actively and naturally treat neuropathy and chronic back pain.

Team Health Care Clinic was the very first clinic to introduce non-surgical decompression treatment to Minnesota. Over the decades they have seen hundreds of people spared from surgery by completing the VAX-D protocol.

Learn more information about the clinic HERE.
Team Health Care Clinic is a devoted team of medical, chiropractic and physical therapy specialists in Minnesota.
The team consists of family medicine providers, chiropractors, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. They have been helping heal the Champlin Area since 1990.

Visit their website to learn more about their new Neuropathy Program HERE.

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