TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic Announces the Launch of Their Newly Redesigned Website

The clinic remains one of the most popular plastic and aesthetic surgery clinics in Singapore due to the wide range of services offered, reports

TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic announces the launch of their newly redesigned website. Clients find it much easier to locate the information they are looking for as a result of this upgrade, and this clinic remains one of the most popular aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics in the country, thanks in large part to the wide range of services offered at this facility.

Services provided include robotic hair restoration, scarless eyebag removal and acne scar treatment. Individuals wishing to know more about these services find they can locate information easily on the newly redesigned site.

"The Aesthetic Clinic offers a range of surgical procedures designed to enhance one's appearance, including facial procedures and those designed for the body. Facial contouring is one procedure clients will find available at the clinic while liposuction is another. No matter what part of the body one wishes to enhance, TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic may be of assistance," Dr Chow Yuen Ho, spokesperson for the clinic, announces.

Face fillers, such as nose fillers, are increasing in popularity as no surgery is required and no incisions are made. Individuals choosing to make use of these fillers find they can exit the clinic looking younger and more attractive with no downtime. Fillers differ from muscle relaxant injections, yet many confuse the two.

"As the body ages, the face tends to lose volume, and the filler works to replace this volume. Very fine needles deliver the injections to precise locations with minimal pain. Most fillers make use of Hyaluronic Acid, a compound found naturally in the skin, although the filler contains a synthetic form of this acid. The body metabolises and absorbs the synthetic acid, therefore one can undergo this procedure with no worries," Dr Chow Yuen Ho explains.

Another popular treatment offered through TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic is hair loss treatment. Surgical hair restoration, often referred to as a hair transplant, helped over 270,000 men across the globe in 2010 alone and involves nothing more than moving hair from one portion of the head to another. Most don't realize that a person can lose approximately 50 percent of his or her hair without it being noticeable. Surgical hair restoration takes advantage of this.

When hair is moved in this manner, it retains its original characteristics. This is of importance as hair taken from the sides and back of the head is immune to the hormone responsible for hair loss, which explains why male pattern baldness affects the hairline and crown of the head rather than the sides and back. Individuals choosing to undergo this procedure find their transplanted hair remains in place well past their sixth or seventh decade.

"Contact TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic today to learn about these or any of the procedures offered. Those who do so find they have the solution they need for the cosmetic issues," Dr Chow Yuen Ho declares.

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TCS Aesthetics Central Clinic strives to provide the best patient experience and clinical outcomes at affordable prices. The clinic always strives to improve the service while upgrading outcomes and works to find efficiencies to help reduce the cost of surgery, without sacrificing clinical care.

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