TBT Coin held a business launching event in the United Kingdom

business launch event in UK

In the past decade, blockchain technology has risen strongly and become the technology trend of the world. And 2020 is the year of decentralized finance, with the emerging trend of peer-to-peer lending becoming a necessity. Recently, TBT coin, one of the pioneers in decentralized finance and Peer-to-peer lending, held a major launch event in the United Kingdom. The event with the participation of the company's leaders and more than 500 attendees marked an important turning point in the development roadmap of the company as well as the TBT coin. Accordingly, the TBT coin has been officially listed on an international exchange with a promising price increase roadmap.

TBT-Coin is a hybrid security and utility token. TBT-Coin is designed to be a precious possession in the growing cryptocurrency market. They give TBT-Coin owners control over their money without compromising on convenience. Therefore, a token that was not only a store of value as a cryptocurrency, but also a means to be part of the TBT-Coin team; sharing dividends, profit-shares and voting rights to the owners of TBT-Coin was imminent.

Having carefully analyzed cryptocurrencies and their growth in relation to fiat money, TBT coin concluded that this market lacks lending vehicles. The most popular way to get a fiat currency for a digital asset is to sell the asset on the exchange. That's why their platform was released to solve this problem. Using their system, a cryptocurrency holder can get a loan in fiat money on the security of his/her digital asset. Before the end of the loan period, the security deposit will remain in the protected TBT system

TBT coin Roadmap: TBT Coin has a clear roadmap and they are achieving these milestones in their roadmap

Q4 - 2018
-Emergence and design of the idea

Q2 - 2019
-built the team
-company establishment
-legal issues setting
-concept development

Q4 – 2019
-start development of the earlier version and crypto wallet version
-negotiations on partnerships

Q2 - 2020
-website launch
-White Paper published
-Private and Pre-sale start

Q3 – 2020
-marketing campaign
-listing to the major exchanges

Q1 – 2021
-Crypto Wallet version release
-Test-net launch
-Platform earlier version development

Q2 - 2021
-Mobile App
-new partnerships and a new marketplace support

Q4 - 2021
-Mainnet launch
-Wallet beta-version release
-Masternodes implementation

Q1 - 2022
-Platform integration to electronic marketplaces
-Zero Fee

TBT-coin is not just another digital asset service. It will be a product combination with a massive amount of high skilled labor input. TBT-coin is a universal digital asset platform that is also aimed at building a strong, concept-driven currency. That offers the chance to see profits and gains considerably snappier and can take benefits out more effortlessly. TBT-coin will provide customers a user-friendly tool to satisfy all the digital resource needs and helo comfortable navigate the crypto world. The customer only needs to focus on his own business, not its technical difficulties.

TBT coin is legally operated in the United Kingdom under the management of TBT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. The company is based in Jasmine Cottage, Beedon Common, United Kingdom, RG20 8TT.

Contact Info:
Name: Andre Wigley
Email: Send Email
Organization: TBT Technology Limited
Website: https://tbtcoin.io

Release ID: 88978711