TAUS Invites Pangeanic To Upcoming September Seminar

PangeaMT by Pangeanic is designed for users who want to take control and own a machine translation platform, and clean and feed their own TMs without going to the cloud.

The Internet is utilized by millions and millions of consumers all around the world. In 2016, approximately fifty-two percent of China’s population utilized the Internet daily. This equated to more than seven-hundred-thousand frequent users. America’s user count is a mere two-hundred-and-eighty-thousand users. In today’s Internet crazed world, it is pertinent for business owners to target each and every customer in sight far and abroad. In order to accommodate the needs of business owners, KantanMT and Pangeanic’s machine translation platform PangeaMT have formed together to host the upcoming TAUS Translation Technology Webinar. The event, which takes place on September the 7th, will introduce business owners to some of the latest developments in machine translation technology.

The monthly webinar is available to all users of translation technology, as well as those that have purchased such products in the past. The event will allow KantanMT and Pangeanic to showcase their technologies to the participants, providing them a better insight into the benefits of machine translation technology, its purposes, and its benefits. Once the demonstrations have concluded, an expert panel and the audience will be able to ask questions to the presenters. Those speaking at the event will include Laura Casanellas of KantanMT. Alexander Raginsky, Alex Helle, and Manuel Herranz of Pangeanic will showcase PangeaMT’s free-standing machine translation solution.

PangeaMT is Pangeanic’s machine translation department. It is responsible for the implementation and research regarding statistical and hybrid machine website translation. The division began operations in 2010. The organization is a subsidiary of Pangeanic. The platform is now at version 3 and allows users to develop, manage, and customize machine translation engines in private environments, not using the cloud. The group is excited to finally present the latest translation technology findings and results to consumers at the TAUS Translation Technology Webinar. Some of the latest developments are part of Pangeanic’s participation in the European research program EXPERT.

For those that find it much easier to understand new technology through real-time events or are interested in using the Cloud for training MT engines and servicing machine translation output, it will be imperative to attend Laura Casanellas’ seminar. The seminar will focus on KantanMT’s, with the intent of educating the attendees on key features and basics of the highly innovative translation platform. Casanellas will present KantanMT’s platform and open up a discussion form to allow the attendees to express their opinions and ask questions.

Manuel Herranz is an expert in the technology translation field. Since the late 1990’s, he has been combining engineering and linguistics techniques for the Ford Motor Company’s tool suppliers. Herranz will present alongside Alexander Raginsky and Alex Helle at the upcoming webinar. The group will speak about Pangeanic and their current research and development projects, which will project fast and efficient machine translation management solutions.

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