TattooMoney – A Deflationary Multi-blockchain Token For The $3 Billion Tattooing Industry

TattooMoney is an international project supported by the leaders of the tattoo industry. The project is focused on digital aspects of the tattoo world, presenting the $TAT2, a revolutionary multi-blockchain token for the $3 billion worth tattoo industry.

The purposes and techniques behind tattooing have changed over the centuries, but the fact that this art is over 5,000 years old speaks volumes about its position in the contemporary world. Given that the globe is embracing digital transformation faster than ever, it was only a matter of time before such technologies found their use in tattooing.

TattooMoney is an international project backed by some of the biggest names in the tattoo world:

“Today, it's estimated that 40% of the world's population between the ages of 18 and 34 have at least one tattoo, with 48% of Italy's population declaring at least one tattoo on their body. And then, throughout the United States, there are a staggering 21,000 tattoo parlors practicing the ancient art of tattooing. The data shows the tattoo is already firmly rooted in the global culture, regardless of the region or country. Because of the worldwide adoption of tattoos in culture, there is little doubt that the industry's future will transition to the digital domain. This evolution is the driving force behind the creation of Tattoo Money.“

The concept of TattooMoney revolves around practicality. Although numerous tattoo saloons have now embraced digital settlement methods, the addition of NFT-enabled payments will greatly simplify the process for both the studios and their customers.

Furthermore, $TAT2 will enable the collection and transfer of various financial assets, as well as NFT trade between individuals and companies on the NFTattoo platform. TattooMoney emphasized that “$TAT2 holders will have the opportunity to stake, add liquidity on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and participate in Airdrops.“

Initially, TattooMoney was developed on the Ethereum blockchain so that it could later be transferred to other blockchains. As for now, it is bridged with the Polygon network, where the transaction fees are significantly lower.

The brand states that the token will be primed to enter the flow of the Binance Smart Chain as well in the following stages of its evolution. The conception of a proprietary TattooMoney blockchain is also one of the main points on the $TAT2 roadmap.

The project is currently working on creating and optimizing the NFTattoo Platform, which is meant to become a portal where $TAT2 holders will have the opportunity to trade and hold the token in the most convenient way possible.

The public sale of $TAT2 is ongoing, and the token is available for purchase on TattooMoney’s official portal. The ICO will remain open until the 22th of February 2022. The circulating supply of the token currently measures 112,346,590 $TAT2 while its market cap is $7,583,395.

TattooMoney’s $TAT2 supports Ethereum and Polygon blockchains; the project is developing the connection with Binance Smart Chain and Solana as well. More information about TattooMoney and the $TAT2 deflationary token can be found on the project’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Adam Lupinski
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Organization: TattooMoney Co., LTD
Address: Taiwan

Release ID: 89057185