Tattoo Inker offers Samoan Tattoos & Intense Cover up Inking for All

Tattoo Inker provides Samoan Tattoo designs along with their meanings and significance to clients desiring them. Moreover, with services like cover up tattoos, the company ( offers an extensive range of designs to look forward.

The Tattoo Inker Company introduced meaningful and artistic Samoan Tattoo designs that carry powerful significance. Samoan tattoos are regarded as original kind of “Tatua”, the Polynesian word for modern day ‘Tattoos”. Portraying typically tribal art looks, these particular kinds of tattoos are intricate and complicated by nature. According to the company, the enchanting black patterns often adorn the body of major WWE champion like The Rock from whom youngsters derive inspiration to get inked on such themes.

The online website of the company consists of blogs on Samoan Tattoos and their powerful symbols carrying profound connotations. Furthermore, the genre of Samoan Tattoo comes with rich history of art and culture. Believed to have started 200 years ago, the art of inking evolved from being painful to the modern painless way of getting inked. And the Samoan clan of tattoos is considered to have high status in the Samoan society.

“For the people belonging to this culture, tattoo is way of life. It literally means a visual illustration of one’s life and the pain one went through while getting the tatau” said the main tattoo designer of Tattoo Inker. Further he added, the art was brought in by two sisters from Fiti or Fiji as the colloquial terminology goes and they carried tattoo weapons with them sang a song saying that this art was meant for women only. However as time passed one thing led to another and ultimately tattoo became a gender irrespective phenomenon.

Each of the tattoos represents symbols with a unique story behind. Life, love, family, death, fertility and protection from evils are common symbols represented with designs of Enata, ocean, Tiki, Lizard and others. Hands, ribs, arms, back, chest, shoulders, thighs, hips are common areas where people prefer to get inked with Samoan tattoos. Modern day tattoos of this tribe culture incorporate elements other than the already known geometric designs of original Samoan tattoos.

Tattoo Inker provides further information on aftercare for people who get these tattoos. “From the time when a person gets tattooed it takes a while to heal completely depending on how large and extensive the design is. People need to massage thrice daily if they have undergone the tattoo combo and thus any kind of infection will not occur."

An additional service that this company provides is designing cover up tattoos. People who do not want to carry on with their previous designs ask the designers of this organisation to reword or redesign some new tattoos on their previous tattoos. The company provides a wide range of cover up designs of various sizes and ink colours. For more information eager clients can visit, which is their official website.

About the company:
Tattoo inker is one of the most renowned companies known for their amazing Samoan tattoo designs along with their cover up art works. Offering a wide spectrum of innovative designs to their clients, the company has gained quite a reputation over the years. Their official website provides space for online clients to submit their contact details and queries or requests if they want to get inked from this company.

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