Tattoo Dorks Launches To Offer Complimentary Tattoo Design Depository

Tattoo Dorks launches offering complimentary tattoo designs which can be downloaded directly from the site for those searching for artwork to get inked.

Tattoos have been a cultural expression of art since the very earliest days of humanity, and are a behavior that has been expressed ubiquitously across a diverse range of disparate cultures, from Africans to Vikings to Samurai. It is no wonder then that with the benefit of modern technology, the practice is more popular than ever, and the premium is on finding the most intricate and original designs to display with pride. Tattoo Dorks is a new site that is bringing together a huge variety of tattoo styles from different cultures and genres so that those searching for inspiration can find it all in one place.

The site offers high quality image galleries of monochromatic and full color tattoos for men ranging from bold line drawing tribal tattoos for men to intricate shaded portraiture and animals. The ideas are all designed to be downloaded at a moment’s notice so that when a user finds what they’re looking for, they can take it straight to the parlor.

The site categories are listed in the side bar, and when clicked, a category is displayed in the main body of the page with all the images listed in thumbnail, to be expanded by the user with a single click, whereupon options to zoom and save are presented.

A spokesperson for Tattoo Dorks explained, “Our site has been created for people who are passionate about tattoos to easily find great ideas and inspiration for their own body art. Already our site has thirteen categories comprising hundreds of images that help people decide on what kind of art they’d like represented on their skin, from ancient Inca line drawn designs to modern gangster portraiture. The variety we have on offer is growing every day, and users are spending more and more time on our site as they discover new possibilities and refer their friends. The best thing people can do is to check back regularly for updates.”

About Tattoo Dorks
Tattoo Dorks is a website dedicated to collating tattoo designs from across the internet into a single database that can be easily searched by style and content, allowing users to quickly find their ideal tattoo design, download and print it so they can take it to the tattoo artist and have it inked. The site is regularly updated with new designs and styles.

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