Tanglewood Smiles’ Dr. Wolfson Named Official Dentist For The Miss Texas 2014-15 Pageant

Tanglewood Smiles’ chief dentist Dr. Steven Wolfson has again been named the official dentist for the Miss Texas pageant, thanks to his world-leading work in cosmetic dentistry.

The Miss Texas 2014-15 pageant is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Texas, and three of its winners have gone on to become Miss America, and more importantly, to represent a generation. Of those winners who went on to become Miss America, one gained a PhD, one became a sportscaster and first lady of Kentucky, and one became a movie star after helping the war effort. To help such extraordinary women have the best chance at representing themselves well, the Miss Texas 2014-15 pageant has again named Dr. Steven Wolfson as the official dentist for the competition.

Dr. Wolfson’s work has led to him being known as the best Houston cosmetic dentist, thanks to his world-leading work in aesthetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. His smile makeover service has been used by countless winners of the pageant, as well as TV personalities, entertainers, business leaders and even those who just want to feel more confident and outgoing.

Dr. Wolfson’s work goes well beyond his cosmetic dentist Houston business however, and his pro-social activities include supporting the Step Out Walk for Diabetes with a fundraising luncheon. This type of community and charity work is one of the reasons he is in great demand as he upholds the principles of the pageant in life as well as in his work.

A spokesperson for Tanglewood Smiles explained, “Beauty is defined by the smile, and no one should be held back or feel self conscious because their smile does not reflect their inner beauty. We can help it do just that, and Dr. Wolfson’s position with the Miss Texas pageant should reassure all clients that our smile makeovers are of the absolute finest quality available. Everyone’s heard of a winning smile, but with an appointment at Tanglewood, everyone can now get one too, making them more comfortable and confident in letting their smile shine.”

About Tanglewood Smiles:
Dr. Steven Wolfson, DDS of The Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry provides exquisite, world-class aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry. At the Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, they strive to provide a warm atmosphere while catering to the health and beauty of smile. Dr. Wolfson takes care of all clients’ needs with his extensive experience and caring approach to any and all concerns.

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