Tampa-Based Photographer Announces Search For Local Breast Cancer Survivors

Estelle Brock photography looks to capture the courage, beauty and strength of Survivors through a group, boudoir-style photo series reports www.estellebrockphotography.com.

The photographer behind Estelle Brock Photography has announced her search for breast cancer survivors to participate in a group boudoir-inspired photo shoot. The Tampa-based photographer is seeking local survivors that are willing to strip their insecurities and bare their imperfections to raise awareness and encourage self-acceptance during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Up to 45 women, roughly one for every thousand women who die each year of breast cancer, will have the opportunity to share their courageous journey through an intimate photo shoot that will expose the raw, and strikingly beautiful reality of the disease’s aftermath on the female body. The final product will be used to honor and celebrate victims, survivors and all those affected by breast cancer.

“As someone who has personally been impacted by breast cancer, I understand the devastating toll it can take on a woman's self-confidence and ability to see herself as beautiful,” said Estelle Brock, founder of Estelle Brock Photography. “I hope to empower all women to reclaim pieces of themselves that the disease may have stole, including their femininity and sexuality. This photo shoot will celebrate self-acceptance, vitality, strength, and the beauty of their bodies, battle scars and all.”

Brock continued, “I have a sincere desire to see women stop negative feelings and destructive self-talk about their body’s flaws. I also know that this can be an especially difficult goal to achieve after a woman's body has undergone so many changes in the breast cancer treatment process. I look forward to giving each and every one of them the chance to see themselves through the lens of a camera and witness their own beauty reflected back to them."

Those who are interested in participating in the project, or would like more information, should visit the Estelle Brock Photography website at www.estellebrockphotography.com/contact, or contact Estelle by phone.

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About Estelle Brock Photography:

As a wife and mother of two, Estelle Brock understands the need for women to feel beautiful, empowered and confident in their own skin. Her ability to encourage women to harness their inner seductress has made her a highly regarded boudoir photographer in the Tampa-Bay area. Combined, Brock’s artistic talent and passion help women release themselves from their insecurities to find self-confidence, acceptance and true beauty through the art of boudoir photography.

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