Talented Artists from Two Different Cultures Announce New Sensational Rap Album

The album contains ten tracks with powerful lyrics and beats that reminds one of the golden age of rap

Two artists from different contents and culture, Lesley and Noah Jones, are already making history and taking the music industry by storm. The artists are proud to announce their collaborative effort and release their album titled "Foreign Exchange".

It's been a long time since music fans across the world have seen this kind of artistry and creative vocal power in play to resurrect the spirit of true hip-hop and the rap culture. From the first track, "Proper Introduction", there is no dull moment for the listener as they aren't here to play.

Foreign exchange has ten tracks and is available on all music streaming platforms to taste. It's like the culture of powerful lyrics and moving rhythms being born again, through the mouth of these young people, to awaken the world.

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Lesley is an Indonesian/Dutch Rap Artist born in The Hague, Netherlands. As a child and youth growing up, he dreamt of becoming an international recording artist. He grew up listening to artists such as The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas, learning all their lyrics, style, and creative abilities. Lesly knew he had to learn and master the American style of rap to get the recognition he deserves and become a success in the music game.

That is why he didn't rap in his first language, Dutch. Instead, he trained himself to rap in English, and the result is in his works and this current album. Lesley's story began to take an exciting turn when he submitted his song to a project called "Noah Jones and the league of villains", which was a compilation of music from different artists from around the world. His song was accepted, leading to him meeting and developing a relationship with American rap artist Noah Jones.

Noah Jones Grew up in New York and also lived in St. Louis, California, but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past few years, Noah has achieved some great things in his career, including recording with legends such as Dr. Dre, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock.

Noah loves Lesley's song and his ambitions and enthusiasm for the music game and the rap culture. So much that within a week, Lesley had sent Noah 4 new songs that he created as well as a song for Noah to feature on called "Self Expression".

Foreign Exchange is the product of their relationship, gaining massive attention among fans of rap and hip-hop music across the globe. The lyrics, rhythms, beats, and delivery can only be compared to rap's classic rendition from the golden age.

It's incredible that two people with different cultures and backgrounds can come together for the greater cause of positive music in such a dark time in the world. This is the first of many projects to be released under the moniker No-Les (Noah and Lesley). Lesly already sees the success he dreams of, and this is just the beginning.

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Lesly Social Links

Lesley Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1nEw4f0UKFJVJWGuxkz7UY

Lesley Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/nl/artist/lesley/1538735291

Lesley Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lesley_w_music/

Lesley Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/LesleyWMusic1

Noah Jones Social Links


Noah Jones Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/noah-jones/270756990

Noah Jones Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noahjonesnews/?hl=en

Noah Jones Twitter: https://twitter.com/noahjonesnews?lang=en

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