Taking Vietnam by Storm: All about Menstrual Cups from the Revolutionary Coc Nguyet San

Coc Nguyet San is redefining the menstrual health of women all over Vietnam

Coc Nguyet San, is a company that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. This is, of course, a result of the relentless pursuit of the company to improve menstrual hygiene among women of Vietnam. All the products have been developed, keeping the health of women in mind and have been praised by health experts and users unanimously.

Building awareness regarding menstrual health is something that many people have failed to achieve. As a result of this health of women has got compromised by the use of substandard products. There are lots of brands of menstrual cups available in the market today. Coc Nguyet San, not only tries to sell these products but also help women choose what is right for them. This is what makes the company a favorite among lots of people. Visit Website

The vision of company leaders is very clear. Quoting the CEO of this company, “We have tried to develop a product that women find convenient to use, at any place and at any time. We took up the initiative to develop these products after undertaking multiple surveys where women expressed their discomfort while making use of tampons. Hence we have brought out the menstrual cups for Vietnamese women.”

The products that women can get from cocnguyetsan.com can be used even while swimming. This was something unthinkable, even a few years ago. Women in Vietnam can, therefore, feel very confident about moving around without any second thoughts. The quality of the product is also quite high. These products are completely made from medically approved silicone and are the best alternative to the traditional tampons.

Menstrual days are generally considered to be unpleasant by most women. This was true in Vietnam until the revolutionary menstrual cups manufactured by Coc Nguyet San came into the market. Women can run around, jump, and even do gym and yoga in a completely normal way by making use of these cups. Apart from being useful for women, these cups are environment-friendly too. This has earned the approval of the different environmentalists too.

The VP of the company says, “The objective of our company was to look after the needs of the women without jeopardizing the environment. Since out menstrual cups can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. The health of the women and the environment around us is equally important for our wellbeing. We are trying to ensure both stay healthy through our efforts.”

Women can say bye to the bad odor associated with menstrual blood and tampons. Since the blood is collected completely inside the vagina, it does not get exposed to the air and bacteria, negating any possibility of bad odor. Women have also expressed their delight when they found out how these cups could hold twice as much blood when compared to tampons, making it the best product in this segment.

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Coc Nguyet San is offering different kinds of menstrual cups in Vietnam. They provide information about different cups in the market, catering to the needs of all kinds of people across the economic strata.

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