Take-Home Viruses Embedded In Every School Says Cleaning Industry Leader

HEITS Building Services, Inc. CEO says Ebola alarms “miss the point that MANY ‘take-home’ virus threats literally breed in America’s school and healthcare settings 24/7.” HEITS eleven-state franchise requires professional staff certification training for all employees, to ensure bacteria-free, green-clean OSHA-compliant learning and treatment spaces.

“Ebola is a terrible contagious disease that everyone needs to be aware of,” says David Heitner, founding CEO of HEITS Building Services, Inc. www.HEITS.com. “From that perspective,” he says, “the news media serves an important purpose in raising consciousness, but ‘hysteria-charged sensationalism reporting’ misses the point.”

Heitner charges the media with self-serving news coverage that “borders on scare tactics. They are treating this disease like hurricane and tornado warnings—keeping audiences fearful about which community is next in Ebola’s path. This ignites public addiction for more news, which of course sells more advertising.”

Raising Ebola consciousness, admits Heitner, is important, but “the media needs to recognize that most Americans—especially in educational, fitness and healthcare settings—are unaware of the reality that MANY serious virus threats exist in virtually every town and city in America.”

Heitner says virus bacteria contaminate and breed in school and workplace sinks, toilets, urinals, floors, water coolers, computer equipment, desktops, coffee rooms, doorknobs, and ventilation systems every day and every night. Also, he says, many school floor tiles are made with asbestos and “When workplaces and schools are not properly and regularly cleaned, they literally turn into a campground for ‘take-home’ virus and bacterial infection.” He cites a short animated video on the homepage of www.HEITS.com and another on the Blog page.

Heitner has been reminding his franchise associates, across eleven states, to stay close to their customer needs for “professional health and safety-based cleaning skills.” He urges them to use pH strips and special “HEITS LIGHT” lights to demonstrate normally-invisible before-and-after bacteria treatment results that customers can see for themselves.

Heitner describes his company as “training intensive,” and even founded the firm’s own online HEITS University. The Company requires all corporate and franchise associates to become certified in subjects like ‘green-clean’ and ‘OSHA regulation compliance.’ The programs emphasize the need to eliminate educational, workplace, and healthcare facility virus bacteria, and “prevent surface-to-surface and surface-to-air cross-contamination.”

“Times have changed,” says Heitner. “From today’s day care centers, nursery schools, grammar and high schools, right on up through college and university campuses, parents need to be concerned about the lack of professionally-trained and certified cleaning crews, and to speak up about continual monitoring of cleaning activities. “Facilities catering to children and young adults are particularly vulnerable to spreading many kinds of infectious virus bacteria.”

Heitner notes that invisible bacteria and virus germs are regularly transported home from workplace, educational, and healthcare facilities. Some of these places “do it right,” he says, “but we believe that the vast majority do not. We think this is inexcusable because most bacteria can be easily eliminated with proper cleaning by carefully-trained personnel.” # # #

HEITS Building Services, Inc. provides full service (interior/exterior) commercial cleaning & building maintenance services in eleven States. Named to the “2015 Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500”, HEITS is an “INC. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and has received the prestigious “American Business Awards Bronze Stevie” – “For outstanding achievement in developing and meeting the self-esteem needs of the company’s employees, franchisees and customers.” The Company’s service focus is on creating and maintaining safe, clean and healthy, bacteria-free educational, workplace, and healthcare environments within existing Customer budgets and time schedules. HEITS specializes in “Green Cleaning” and government regulation (e.g., OSHA) compliance.
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