Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays Announces New Golf Tournament Packages

Quality and customer service remain the top priorities, regardless of which golf tournament package is selected, reports LuxuryGolfHolidays.com

According to GolfAdvisor.com, tickets to the Masters typically remain the second most difficult tickets to obtain in sports, coming in second only behind the Super Bowl. This is only one of the major golf tournaments individuals wish to see in person, yet getting tickets often can be hard, whether one wishes to attend the British Open or the Ryder Cup rather than the Masters. When one wishes to obtain tickets to these or any major golfing event, Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays is the place to head.

"Visit LuxuryGolfHolidays.com to obtain tickets to these events or to book a luxury golf holiday to practice one's own skills. Individuals who do so find they have access to these events, travel, and hotel accommodation, as the company began offering these packages in 2002 and, since that time, has delivered thousands of first class experiences. While the company provides access to all PGA Tour, European Tour and Major Golf Tournaments around the globe, the flagship packages remain the Masters, the Ryder Cup and the Open Golf Championship," Tom Warsop, spokesperson for Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays, announces.

The Masters (Luxurygolfholidays.com/masters-golf) differs from other tournaments in many ways. First and foremost, it remains the only golf tournament in which each hole yardage is rounded up to either 0 or 5. As tee markets and pin positions move with each round, Clifford Roberts, Augusta National's co-founder, didn't feel exact yardage was needed. In addition, the tournament was actually blacked out within a 200 mile radius of the club when it was first broadcast in 1965, as the organizers were concerned about ticket sales. This is not the case now, with tickets being extremely hard to come by.

"Individuals wishing to attend the Masters find the packages offered through Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays to be the perfect solution. The company provides excellent value for the money along with the highest level of service and product. Whether one wishes to attend the tournament itself or head out for a practice day, accommodations are offered at Reynolds Plantation and Augusta," Warsop reports.

Many know the Ryder Cup (Luxurygolfholidays.com/ryder-cup-2016) as the tournament in which Americans excel. In fact, Americans won this tournament for fifty years in a row, other than the one year when Europe took the trophy home. Many covet the Ryder Cup trophy, which is nine inches tall and comes in at four pounds. Furthermore, only six hole-in-ones have been recorded in Ryder Cup history, and only one of these was by an American. Many golfers and fans wish to attend this tournament, as it has so much to offer.

"Regardless of which tournament a client wishes to see, they know they can count on outstanding customer service and quality when purchasing accommodations through Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays. All tickets come with a 100 percent guarantee to ensure client peace of mind, and golfers may opt to play a few rounds at local courses when attending these events. Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays can be of help with this also, as they work to meet the needs of their clients in every way," Warsop proclaims.

About Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays:

Tailormade Luxury Golf Holidays provides all inclusive holidays to the biggest golf tournaments in the world. From travel and tickets to hotel accommodation, one finds they can be present at The Ryder Cup, The Open, The Masters and other major tournaments with the help of this company. In addition, the company offers corporate golf and events along with luxury golf holidays to meet the needs of all who love to play and watch this sport.

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