Tailoring Multimedia Presentations for Business Purposes by Focusky.com

Focusky Presentation Maker is released for tailoring multimedia presentations by adding YouTube videos, flash animations, animated texts, image slideshows and much more.

A company known for developing presentation making software, Focusky Software Co. has launched the Focusky Presentation Maker, a multimedia presentation tool that allows users, particularly educators to create visually-engaging and interactive visuals as their teaching medium.

Aiming to revolutionize the way young minds process knowledge, Focusky Software Co. has developed this creative presentation software that features animation, zooming, panning and full-screen functions. And instead of slides, it uses canvas as the medium, totally breaking from the conventions of traditional PowerPoint Presentations.

With this software, class sessions are made more interesting and the learning process more effective. It also provides educators with flexibility in communicating with students and efficiency in presenting the subject matter.

Following are some of the features of Focusky Presentation Maker.

Dynamic presentation: It replicates camera movements such as zooming, rotating and panning. It presents ideas from afar, then coming to it up close and focusing on it for a while. It also presents the content from left to right, or clockwise or counterclockwise, thus making presentations fun and memorable.

Canvas instead of slides: It encourages imagination so a wide canvas is used instead of the restrictive four-cornered slides as the medium. With this, users are now free to put down their ideas anywhere within the canvas.

Visually-engaging presentations: Texts, objects, shapes and lines are available to communicate the message or ideas. Users can also choose different background colors to make things livelier. Apart from the standard English alphabet, the software also supports the Unicode Chinese character set.

Multimedia presentation: Images, GIFs, flash animations and videos from the user or from video streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are also available to make the presentation more interesting.

Online and offline presentation: It allows users to share their presentations in zip, exe or html formats.

About Focusky Software Co.

Established in China in 2008, Focusky Software Co. is a software and technology company that develops online presentation software with innovation and efficiency in mind. To know more about how to create striking, zooming presentations, go to http://focusky.com/

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