Tactical Vantage Offer 73 Round Drum Magazine For 7.62 Millimeter AK-47 and Variants

Popular online vendor of rifle and gun paraphernalia stocks high round capacity magazines for an increasing range of automatic weapons.

As watered down gun legislation has been defeated on the floor of the senate, many pro-gun lobbyists and their supporters celebrated what they saw to be a victory for the 2nd Amendment. Proponents of gun possession will be pleased to know that there is to be no ban on assault rifles- a decision that is timely for Tactical Vantage, a company that provides high round capacity clips, custom rifle stocks and other accessories for many rifles, including full automatic weapons such as the AK-47.

Their collection of AK-47 magazines now includes an AK drum magazine, also compatible with MAK 90s and other 7.62x39mm variants. The drum magazine holds 73-rds of 7.62x39mm ammunition, providing double the firepower for an AK-47 compared to traditional stock clips. Constructed of a high impact Dupont® Zytel ™ based polymer, the drum also features an over molded steel feed lip insert for added strength.

The magazine’s integral tensioner allows it to be stored fully loaded for extended periods while ensuring maximum reliability during use. The hinged back design allows easy access for loading, cleaning, and inspection, making it the magazine of choice for those who wish to extend the fire capacity of their automatic assault weapons.

While controversial, it is certain that the company will see sales of these modifications increase as militias, special forces, police and the military will seek to better equip themselves in the wake of the most recent pitched gun battle in Watertown, Massachusetts, making increased firing capacity feel all the more essential.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “We understand that this is a heated and sensitive issue, but our stance on the issue is that those who need to protect themselves and their families must respond to the recent escalation in violence by preparing themselves adequately to defend against aggressors. The AK 47 is a robust and reliable weapon, and the magazine makes a perfect compliment in ensuring it has maximum stopping power.”

About Tactical Vantage: Tactical Vantage is a small and growing online firearms parts and accessories retailer that offers helpful and time saving customer service. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, their goal is to offer an easy to search, buy, and checkout process on our website with super fast shipping, and helpful customer service.

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