Tactical Vantage Launch Mosin Nagant Conversion Stock Kit For WWII Classic Rifle

Tactical Vantage launch kit to convert the original Mosin Nagant with a fixed five round magazine into a modernized rifle with the five round detachable magazine included, and ten round magazine option soon to be added.

During the Russian-Turkish War, Russian troops suffered heavy casualties against Turkish troops, showing the Russians the need for their weaponry to evolve. Captain Sergei Ivanovich Mosin of the Imperial Army submitted his "3-line" caliber rifle, while Belgian designer Léon Nagant submitted a "3.5-line" design. The designs were combined for their advantages and the Mosin Nagant became the Russian sniper rifle of choice. Tactical Vantage now continues the rifle’s evolution with the release of Archangel Manufacturing’s conversion kit.

Tactical Vantage is an online store that sells rifle and gun modifications of all kinds, from additional stocks and extended magazines to rail mounts, auxiliary sites and flip up sites. The new addition of technological modifications to classic weapons marks a new direction for the company, who previously specialized in modifications for highly malleable weapons like the AR-15.

The Mosin Nagant stock and mosin nagant magazine will both adapt a historical weapon into a modern one, continuing its history of combining the best of both worlds by bringing the reliability of the old into the functionality of the new.

The stock is scheduled to arrive in early May and already people can pre-order for delivery as soon as it arrives.

A spokesperson for Tactical Vantage explained, “Mosin Nagant was used in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and other wars. The Mosin-Nagant is highly appreciated for being robust, reliable, accurate, and easy to maintain. Though production stopped after World War II, the rifle was still used for decades and now can be brought to bear again with the benefit of modern advantages. This conversion kit is for rifle enthusiasts who want the benefit of a classic sniper piece to use on the rifle range while having the convenience of modern armaments. The ten round magazine extension will also provide an increase in time spent shooting rather than reloading.”

About Tactical Vantage: Tactical Vantage is a firearm magazines and accessories online retailer that aims to offer friendly customer service and quick shipping to our customers. We are constantly expanding our inventory line to accommodate our valued customers within the firearms community.

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