Tackling Social Issues, Controversial TV Series 'Back Stabber' Now Up For 6 Possible Golden Globes

Probing into today’s societal issues, the independent, ground-breaking, low-budget TV show ‘Back Stabber’ is now in the running for a total of 6 possible Golden Globes.

Virtually unknown just 8 weeks ago, ‘Back Stabber’ has captured headlines around the globe since its June 24th premiere on Amazon. Though it was a record breaking low-budget project, it's the messages in the show that landed the project its major media coverage.

Created by openly gay actor, singer and LGBT advocate Ryan Zamo, ‘Back Stabber’ has pushed the envelope of acceptance in today’s society. 27-year-old Zamo said he fought for over 6 years to have his show produced, saying, “I wrote the pilot as a final project in film school over 7 years ago now, which I got a C on by the way. I wanted to create a show that would open peoples minds to what others go through, and how they are affected by ones actions. It was my freshman year in college, and knowing nothing about pitching a show to networks, I tried to sell it to anyone and everyone who would listen.”

Zamo, and fellow advocate Jordan Fraser, quickly teamed up to produce the show. After 6 grueling years of rejection because of its content, the two began pre-production on the pilot for ‘Back Stabber’, 25-year-old Jordan Fraser said, “We were both stoked. Then the past rejection of the show started all over again, nobody wanted to fund us, and either said it was too racy or would never be successful.”

‘Back Stabber’ premiered on June 24th with almost no following. Yet because of it's record breaking low budget and the writers shameless stabs at society, it soon caught the attention of major media outlets. In the Huffington Post article titled 'How One TV Series Has Changed The History Film Film-Making Forever', writer Rebecca McDonald states, “I personally enjoyed watching the series with my husband", she adds, "the show magnifies the truth behind society today, and how much we need to change."

With its success over the past few weeks, the show was recently announced as a candidate for the 2017 Golden Globes, Zamo said, “We got word a few days ago from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association [HFPA] that we are officially in the running for the Globes. I would have never thought that the show would be this successful, I didn’t even think anyone would watch it, let alone being recognized for a Golden Globe.”

In the category of “Limited Series or A Motion Picture Made for Television”, ‘Back Stabber’ is in the running for: Best Overall Series, Best Actor [Alex Alsina, Jimmy Fint-Smith], Best Actress [Zasha Shary], Best Supporting Actor [Ryan Zamo], Best Supporting Actress [Angela Tesch].

Available exclusively on Amazon Instant Video, ‘Back Stabber’ can be downloaded without an Amazon account, and is now available for streaming.

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