T-Max Dialer & Communications Showcases Auto Dialing Options

Auto dialers increase productivity and efficiency within any company reports T-Max Dialer & Communications.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, employees, over the coming years, will willingly choose to cut their work hours to ensure they remain eligible for government subsidies on health insurance. "As a result of this voluntary reduction in work hours by employees, employers may find they are unable to man their phones or staff their offices during busy periods or throughout the year. With the help of an auto dialer or other dialing system, this becomes less of an issue," Matthew of T-Max Dialer & Communications points out.

T-Max Dialer offers various types of dialing systems designed to meet the needs of a wide range of companies. The predictive hosted dialer remains the popular choice of companies specializing in sales and collections as the agents spend more time speaking to live contacts and less trying to reach them.

"With the use of the predictive dialer, companies find they can do the work of 20 to 40 agents with only five to ten employees, saving money will still completing the required tasks efficiently," Matthew explains. "The dialer only connects agents to those calls where a live person answers, and the hosted dialer works without the need for physical hardware and other equipment to be installed."

Others find a voice broadcast dialer better meets their needs as it provides a method for mass communication. The dialer allows one to call hundreds or thousands simultaneously, such as employees, members or customers, without the need for calling each person individually. The use of a voice broadcast dialer ensures those in need of information receive it in a timely manner, of great importance in emergency situations or when reminding one of an appointment or meeting, according to Matthew. Each message may be customized for the specific recipient, and the use of the system helps to reduce infrastructure costs, increase sales, reduce manual dialing and draw in new business.

To ensure all messages sound professional, T-Max Dialer & Communications offers voice recordings and on hold music. Clients choose the voice talent they feel best projects the image they wish for their company and the number of words to be recorded. A script is then created for recording. "T-Max Dialer & Communications provides the tools companies need to increase productivity and efficiency while remaining true to the company image. Make use of one or more of these tools today and see how your company can grow and expand without the need for additional staff," Matthew states.

About T-Max Dialer & Communications:
T-Max Dialer & Communications provides businesses with a range of dialing products designed to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Depending on the choice of dialer, businesses find their agents spend more time interacting with live contacts while the dialer handles appointment reminders and other tasks better handled by automation. Professional recordings may accompany the communications also as T-Max Dialer & Communications works to ensure the message projects the correct image at all times.

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