Syndicate Live Software Includes Everything Marketers Need To Drive Traffic Off Of Facebook To Their Website

Do you want to crush traffic to your website without video marketing experience or paid ads? With Syndicate Live, you can leverage the most traffic from the world’s two biggest social networks and quickly build an enormous audience for their site.

Syndicate Live is a cloud-based software that broadcasts Facebook live events directly from any newsfeed to countless websites. The product allows users to turn any live stream on Facebook Live or Youtube Live into an insane traffic driving content machine.

The tool includes everything marketers need to drive traffic off of FB to their own site. Everyone knows that Facebook Live is Facebook’s brand new Live Streaming network allowing users to share stories, content, events and information live to the audience in their news feeds. Now Syndicate Live takes that news feed and turns the power of the event into live content for user’s site or blog. Users can build their list, drive affiliate commissions, increase eCom revenues and more. Syndicate Live allows anyone to profit with both the power of live video and viral social media traffic.

SyndicateLive Soft is like a content factory that pumps out engagement 24/7. Right now, 100 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube, FB, Instagram and Twitter per minute. It is no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise, and it is certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. Syndicate Live provides its users with the best viral video content on the social web as it is trending… live.

Moreover, users can get more viral traffic by posting a link to their live stream to Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr & Pinterest. Syndicate live content, as seen on their website, to unlimited sites and social networks in "real time." Then, redirect that audience back to user’s site, a landing page, an affiliate offer, a blog, any e-commerce store, etc. to view the event. Live Events is given preferred treatment by YouTube, FB, and Google. Users can take advantage of it.

Facebook Live Streams are watched three times as long as any other video and with FB Live being the fastest growing live streaming service in the world, it is something marketers need to be on right now. However, FB Live has its own drawback. Marketers can only stream to one place at a time – their profile, or just one FB page or group. They can hardly take full advantage with this limitation. With Syndicate Live offers true syndication. Marketers are able to live stream in real time to any site on the internet that wants to syndicate their broadcast.

Syndicate Live also includes Push Notification feature which keeps the audience coming back for more interactive live content. “The push notification was fantastic... I immediately saw the traffic spike...I used the sharing feature to update my Facebook twice a day and each click drove them back to my blog...” Jane Nicalbe said as she was overwhelmed with the benefits she got after using it.

In addition, the product’s creator offers users the access to over five hours of training on how they can use Live Stream Video, FB Live and Youtube Live to increase their income potential dramatically.

If users are searching for FB Live or YouTube Live strategies that other people are sharing and using, Syndicate Live Software comes with a private FB group in which they can participate and become a member of the Syndicate Live community.

Users will also get access to the premier membership site that is a part of Syndicate Live. They not only discuss how to use this great tool, but they also study strategies to build a strong Social Media presence and SEO strategies to boost their video rankings.

Here are the top three reasons why Syndicate Live will work for marketers:

• The system showcases their content in front of other website’s audiences - Referred to as “Other People’s Audiences” (OPA).
• It is friendly enough for complete beginners. FB realizes live streaming video is at the forefront of market domination. So now marketers can instantly go live directly on their own site or to an unlimited number sites.
• Syndicate Live takes all guesswork out of capitalizing on the latest internet boom… FB Live and Live streaming as content without the hassle of having any technical skills, paying VAs or spending hours manually trying to source fresh viral content for their site or blog. It works, 24/7, without even having to create any live content themselves.

For more specific details, please visit Syndicate Live demo and review.

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