Sydney's Hottest Landscaping Trends 2019

The most talked about topics in 2019 for landscaping were large natural stone pavers, outdoor LED strip lights and fire pits. These remarkable landscaping features are definitely making a comeback for 2019!

Outdoor landscaping has become a hot topic once again in 2019 with the newest trends quickly being seen across new residential and commercial spaces in Sydney.

Aesthetic design and raw material is an important aspect for any proud homeowner with a bit of cash to spur. It’s evident that Sydney residents, especially those around the North Shore area, aren’t shy to show off their wealth with the display of high-quality finishes for their gardens and landscapes.

The biggest trend that has seen an exponential growth in Sydney homes are outdoor strip lights. Their stylish glow which lights up the path instantly provides your home with an elegant touch with minimal effort. They are a fantastic way to light up your home without the expensive costs involved. The most popular areas that strip lights are seen installed in 2019 are under staircase steps, retaining walls and along garden areas.

With winter fast-approaching, outdoor fire pits are on the rise in demand. Fire pits are a great source of warmth, light and can help create style and ambience. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to choose an appropriate size that suit your home the best. Be sure to have an expert to do the gardening service to clear all the branches and leaves and minimise any potential fire hazard.

Consumers are pushing for built-in fire pits for their backyards that can also function as a coffee table during fire bans and hot summers. Fire pits will see the peak of their popularity in 2019 as more homeowners realise the value that it can bring for their property. Be wary of any fire bans and weather conditions that may make it unsuitable when using.

Natural stone pavers are making a comeback in 2019 with the minimalist style flooring. There is definitely an upsurge in the demand for large natural stone pavers from residents in the Lower North Shore district. Shapes, sizes and texture all play a big role in the decision-making process. Granite, porphyry and limestone being the most popular choices for 2019.

Consumers are more likely to lean towards either side of the spectrum when it comes to style and design for their flooring. Choosing to go the complete minimalistic approach or the textured style. 2019 will also see more raw and finished concrete finishes being used throughout the outdoor landscape.

Founder and director of NS Landscapes, John Dandan shares what has been working for him in 2019 so far, “More residents are coming to us and asking us to install outdoor strip lights to deck out their outdoor areas as winter approaches. We are also seeing a huge demand for large stone pavers such as limestone and granite during landscaping projects.”

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