Swim Spas Malibu, Ventura Dealer Shares 3 Ways to Create a Great Family Reunion

Malibu Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Dealer Publishes “The Three Top Ways to Create a Great Family Reunion.” Offers Free Swim Spa Test Soaks to Malibu and Ventura Residents.

Spa-Warehouse, a premier Malibu and Ventura swim spa, hot tub, and portable spa dealer participates in Family Reunion Month.

“There are a lot of reasons to begin a tradition of family get-togethers. Included in the reasons is the prompt that July is family reunion month, a time designated to remind people of the importance of family connections,” said Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at Spa-Warehouse.com.

“Host a family reunion that will bring relatives closer, and help younger family members understand important family history as well as develop the values that are essential, “continued Vishnefske. Here are 3 top ways to create a great family reunion.

Create a Family Tree – Before the reunion takes place create a wall-sized tree with bare limbs. Add it to a large open space on a wall or outdoor building, and have small blank tags that family members can fill out at the reunion to add to their branch.

Not only will the family tree create a fun art activity for guests and become a piece of artwork that will be a lasting reminder of family history for everyone in the household, it can be a great reminder of each person’s location in the family group. Replicate the family tree on a smaller page and have copies made. Gather family member’s contact information so that after the reunion a copy of the family tree can be sent to them.

Keep Memories Fresh with a Family Picture Website – Remember the event by having a selected family member take pictures of the event. Make sure all family members are included and to have a photo account of all activities to commemorate the day. Once the day is over, upload the pictures to a website that all members can share.

There are a variety of free photo book hosts, or social media pages that can be marked as private to share only with family members, or if the entire group agrees, let it be a public account so that each member can show off their family gathering photos with friends outside the group. To increase the fun, make the family reunion a yearly event that continues to add content to the photo site for a historical recollection of family growth that becomes a part of the history of the family.

Create Lasting Memories with a Malibu Swim Spa Party – Create a fun activity for the whole family that can be the focal point of the reunion. Host the family party around a swim spa and have all of the party elements within reach of the water. The relaxing atmosphere of a hot tub is a great place to enjoy family conversations and tell stories about family history.

Encourage connections by creating fun water sport games that incorporate family stories. Pass a beach ball around and require every person who catches the ball to tell the other family members a fact or story that is relevant to their past.

Record the event so that younger family members can always enjoy stories about the way their families grew and events that made them special. Add pictures of the swim spa party to the family reunion website and make sure all members get a link to where they can view and share their favorites with friends.

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