Swim For Life: You can NOW save both of your Mother and Girl Friend.

The article emphasizes on the importance of swimming and encourage the audience to take up swimming courses

Just when you think you’ve got life balanced out with a good career, a brand new car, a supportive family back home and a beautiful girlfriend that you can imagine spending your whole life with. But things are too good to be true when your girlfriend eventually drops the big question “Baby baby if one day your mother and I fall into the river at the same time while both of us can’t swim, who are you gonna save first ah?”

Now let’s pause for a second and think about what you got yourself into before going for an answer. Because the bigger question for you my friend is: Do you have water rescue skills? Do you even know how to swim?

So Swim for Life will walk you through some of the skill you will need to first save yourself.

- Breathing

The most basic skill in swimming that we often overlook. It’s the process of learning to breathe out underwater and taking a full breath when you lift your head. If you don’t practice breathing while swimming till it’s natural, you’ll struggle with your movements.

- Floating

Knowing how to float can actually save your life. It lets you feel safe in the water before you start learning how to kick and paddle yourself in the water. It is the first step you take before learning how to swim freestyle.

- Coordination

You will start to learn how to use your muscles to push yourself forward in water by positioning your arms along your body and your legs behind your body to make a streamlined to move forward.

- Breaststroke

At last, when you learned the basic swimming skills, you can advance on to learning a specific stroke. The breaststroke is that at a basic level taught to beginners to keep the head can above water by giving visibility while swimming and avoids breathing issues.

Moving on to saving others, you will need these skills.

- Diving

Diving into a swimming pool properly is necessary for personal safety or before you can save others. Especially of the impact of your body on the water when you jump from a certain height. An improper diving technique can lead to serious injuries to the head, neck and even cause drowning.

- Emergency water survival skills

Emergency water survival skills can equip you with a range of rescues which depends on emergency situations. Take swimming lessons to build your knowledge confidence to jump in the water when your help is needed.

Now go back to the situation, who are you going to save now you’re ready? The question is still an awkward dilemma. So to all men out there, before anyone of them asks this question. We would totally recommend you to save….yourself by enrolling the both of them to a private swim coach! Happy women, happy life. Cheers to all men.

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