Sweet Spot MD Plastic Surgeon Unveils Shifts in Online Marketing Practices

Changes once believed to be vaporware are now exciting realities, announces Sweet Spot MD.

As soon as the first person realized that the Internet would have commercial benefits, website marketing was born. Since then, the rise of search engines has caused it to focus on gaining high rankings in their listings. This can bring huge amounts of traffic to a site thanks to the vast numbers of people who may search for a company's related keywords.

Fairly recent developments, such as the massive adoption of smart phones by the general public and the rise of social media, have changed how internet marketing works for the first time in years. Now, a complete marketing program will focus on mobile, social media, and reputation management as well as search engine optimization.

"One of the biggest shifts we're seeing is a strong shift towards the use of mobile devices," says Sweet Spot MD, a plastic surgeon marketing company (http://sweetspotmdplasticsurgery.com/services/). "A recent study by Search Engine Watch showed that fully 50 percent of people now start a search on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. This is huge news, and heralds an equally-huge change in how marketing needs to be done."

The first change it causes for marketers is a need to ensure that client sites are optimized to look and work great on both PCs and mobile devices. This is complicated by the fact that mobile devices come in a huge range of sizes. Special programming techniques, however, can allow a site to automatically sense the screen size of a user's device and display pages that will look great on any particular device, Sweet Spot MD Plastic Surgery (http://sweetspotmdplasticsurgery.com/) notes.

Social media, while it has not quite become the giant referral generator that it has been predicted to be, has shown that it's a great way to spread something completely different: complaints. Left unaddressed, these complaints can be repeated to the entire world, or to put it in normal internet parlance, "go viral."

"Reputation management is no longer a simple matter of putting up a bunch of positive reviews," Sweet Spot MD said. "Complaints, and those who make them, need to be directly addressed in order to cool the fires. Not only that, they must be handled in a professional way. It's essential that companies do not get drawn into verbal battles with complaining customers, but instead, offer responses that will be seen as solutions."

Of course, search engine marketing is nowhere near obsolete. Companies still have to do their best to get top rankings in Google and other search engines, or the reach of their sites will be very limited. Having websites designed to be friendly to automated crawlers, contain the right on-page elements for proper categorization, and getting enough links to power them to the top are all important factors for this aspect of marketing.

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