Sussex IT Expert Creates Coronavirus Checklist For Working From Home

A Sussex-based IT expert has produced a checklist for working from home to help business owners keep moving forward during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Simon Smyth, of Ingenio Technologies, has put together an urgent checklist for business owners, covering four key areas managers must consider with a home-based workforce. The majority of employees in the UK are now working from home, and the essential guide is designed to ensure a seamless transition and to enable company owners to operate as efficiently as possible during this difficult period.

Talking about the checklist, Mr. Smyth said, “This is about preparing now to keep your business operating as usual. There are so many staff members having to stay at home, with no way of working.” “If Sussex business owners and managers do not make these changes right now, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble down the line.” He also added, “The preparation checklist is designed to help them think about how they can run smoothly during the pandemic, and how they can ensure their employees can continue working at home in isolation, as long as they are fit and healthy to do so.”

Many employees in the UK are used to working from home, but for some, it will represent a major change. The coronavirus checklist is designed to highlight some of the main challenges and provide solutions where possible.

The 4-step checklist covers data security, access to information and data, home office setup and communication, collaboration and management. The aim is to help business owners and their workforces to adapt to working from home, to implement strategies that enable them to work effectively and to try and maintain business as usual.

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for UK companies, and even the most organised business may stumble across hurdles and obstacles during the lockdown. Having access to resources like the COVID-19 checklist can help to streamline processes and speed up the adjustment period.

Local business owners and managers can request a free copy of the checklist via the Ingenio Technologies website.

About Ingenio Technologies
Ingenio Technologies was founded in Sussex, UK in 2005. Starting life as a small but ambitious startup, the company soon grew, establishing a reputation for providing personalised, customer-driven services. The goal was to take on big businesses by putting customers first and providing a responsive, tailored service. Today, the business provides managed IT and telecoms support for more than 60 companies in the Sussex area. The publication of an urgent coronavirus checklist underlines Ingenio Technologies’ commitment to customer service. The guide provides detailed information and advice to help local businesses adapt to working from home and to establish effective ways of working during the lockdown.

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