Surviveware’s Waterproof First Aid Kit Demonstrates Product Excellence in 500th Amazon Review

Watertight First Aid Pack Turns Camper into a Hero

Messy, wet first aid kits are a thing of the past since Surviveware, a leading adventure and survival gear retailer has launched their Waterproof First Aid Kit. This innovative take on outdoor preparedness has provided means for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about water and moisture. Since its debut, this watertight backpacking first aid kit has garnered 500 Amazon reviews from its customers.

This heavy-duty waterproof first aid hiking kit has made it possible for outdoorsmen to be in inclement weather conditions without worrying about getting supplies soaked in a downpour. Surviveware’s watertight kit is crafted using 600D TPU material that protects the contents from water, moisture, and snow. Armed with an IPX7 certification, kit owners are guaranteed 30 minutes of underwater fun at a depth of 1 meter without spoiling or damaging the pack’s contents.

Apart from this protective feature, this backpacking first aid kit is lauded for its carefully curated content. Each pack comes with essential first aid supplies like adhesive bandages, gauze swabs, eye pads, emergency blankets, wound strip closures, triangular bandages, cleansing wipes, and hypoallergenic tape. It also comes with a pack of hydrogel, which can be used for treating mild burns. The pack also comes with first aid tools like tweezers, splinter probes, safety pins, and a CPR kit.

Surviveware’s Waterproof First Aid Kit, which is available via Amazon Prime, also offers enough space for customization. The pack has ample room for additional items like medications, Epi-pens, inhalers, creams, and EDC tools.

Outdoorsmen love the versatility these kits offer. The watertight backpacking first aid kits have MOLLE-compatible straps and rings that allow the kit to be strapped to any bag, handle, and headrest. Retrieval is also a breeze, thanks to the pack’s Velcro panel and side handle. Power loops and D-rings were also installed to enable the kits to be hung on hooks and carabiners.

Since its launch, this watertight kit has consistently gained positive feedback from users. In the following review written by Paul, an Amazon customer, he shared how this revolutionary first aid hiking kit impressed him.

“This kit is awesome! This is the third kit I have gotten from Surviveware as I have 2 large kits and a small kit already. I was very interested to see how waterproof this thing was, so I left it out in moderate rain overnight. The next morning the outside was wet but had not soaked through - all the inside contents were completely dry. Aside from that, most items in the kit are wrapped in plastic so if it did leak I would expect most items to be just fine.

The zipper can be a bit tough to open and close, but this is to be expected for a waterproof kit, and a little bit of lube goes a long way with it as well.

As far as the kit itself, it has more variety than I would have expected for a kit of this size. I was at a bonfire a couple of months ago and a young girl suffered a minor burn. There were several adults with first aid kits but mine was the only one with burn cream. Always a nice feeling to be a child's hero for an evening (and the father's).

I love that the items are all labeled by injury type so that in the heat of the moment I will be able to find exactly what I am looking for. This is a design that my other Surviveware kits have as well and even with my first aid certification, I know it will come in useful when in shock.

All around this is a great kit. I added a few things of my own, like a pocketknife and a small flashlight. I also added some n95 masks and extra latex gloves just in case. If you're in the market for a good kit, look no further than this one.”

Be a hero in someone else’s eyes by owning a watertight first aid hiking kit. Grab your Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit today by clicking here.

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