Surviveware’s Travel-Sized Wipes Make Strong Debut With 5/5 Star Rating

Favorite Biodegradable Wipes Now Come in Travel-Friendly Pack

Surviveware, a leading adventure and preparedness company, is pleased to announce that their new product, Travel-Sized Biodegradable Wet Wipes, has made a strong debut with 5/5 star reviews from Amazon customers. To date, this newly released life-saving wipes has received recommendations from dozens of Amazon clients.

Despite being designed for outdoorsmen, these wipes also work wonders for travel enthusiasts. These biodegradable no-rinse wipes work well in providing comfort during airport layovers and transfers. Since the packs perfectly fit inside a purse or backpack, commuters can use these during transit. Thus, users can easily pull out a wipe whenever they want to feel fresh during their travels.

What clients love about these wipes is their extended surface area. Surviveware’s biodegradable wet wipes measure 8” x 12”, thus it will only take one to two sheets to freshen up. Customers love the wipes’ quick-dry and fragrance-free formulation. The wipes’ formula dries nicely on the skin without leaving any sticky residue. This helps maintain one’s comfort and freshness after a wipe-down.

Surviveware’s Travel-Sized Biodegradable Wet Wipes also have skin nourishing ingredients that keep the skin supple and soft. Each sheet is loaded with natural aloe and vitamin E that effectively moisturize the skin. They are also free from alcohol so users can use these wet wipes without worrying about irritation from prolonged use. Professional hikers, fishers, hunters, and athletes have tried this product and noted satisfaction in each use.

These travel-sized wet wipes have impressed outdoorsy individuals and travel fanatics. The Surviveware Travel-Sized Biodegradable Wet Wipes come in a 4-pack, each containing 15 wipes. In a review written by Pamela, she narrates how these wipes enabled her to survive her trip with two layovers, “I realize these are designed for things like camping, hiking, etc. but they are awesome for long travel days too! I threw a few in my bag during a recent trip where we had two layovers, and they were a lifesaver For both my kids as well as the adults. So conveniently packaged too!”

Make every plane ride more comfortable and hygienic with Surviveware’s biodegradable wet wipes. Each order comes with four packs of biodegradable sheets, each pack containing 15 wipes, that can be easily tossed inside a purse, backpack, or carry-on bag. Carrying these wipes is now more convenient! Use them anytime, anywhere!

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