Surviveware's Survival Kit Impresses Certified Wilderness EMT

New Survival First Aid Kit Makes a Remarkable Addition to Outdoor Gear

While having advanced first aid knowledge is paramount to any survivalist, it is equally important to have the proper gear to act in an emergency. For first responders and backpackers alike, a comprehensive survival kit is one of the most crucial tools that they can have in their go-bag or rucksack.

Although there are many survival kits available in the market, a kit that holds a wide assortment of quality provisions essential for outdoor survival is rare to find. The kit should also be flexible and allow for customization depending on the unique lifestyle needs of the user.

Surviveware, a leading outdoor preparedness retailer, has recently launched another life-saving pack to its product line: the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit.

This innovative outdoor pack, which can be purchased on Amazon Prime, carries key provisions for any emergency. It combines first aid with two other essential components - hygiene and survival. These supplies are stored in color-coded compartments by type and use to make it easier to retrieve what is needed in a rush. Kit users don't need to dump everything on the floor to find small items like safety pins or bandages.

Despite having a vast array of supplies, it still has space to add personal items. This feature allows for tweaking the kit to include other relevant items like prescription medication, an Epi-pen, or inhaler.

The Surviveware Survival Kit comes in a 600D polyester bag that keeps all supplies in place and protects them from the elements while being malleable enough to squeeze into overpacked bags. Aside from its water-resistant exterior and labeled compartments, this Survival Kit has MOLLE-compatible straps and a Velcro panel, making it easier to lock the kit in place and retrieve it when necessary.

Surviveware has garnered the attention of survivalists and seasoned outdoorsmen. Summit, an Amazon customer and trained wilderness EMT, shared his opinion upon receiving this Survival Kit:

"As a graduate of USAF SERE training, wilderness EMT cert, and years of teaching expedition techniques, I'm no stranger to survival gear and first aid kits. I couldn't assemble a kit this complete and well organized for the price they're selling this it for. I modified a few things about it, like tossing the little case for the mini-tool and removing any excess packaging internally. A small tourniquet, high octane pain meds, more wound cleaner, and a small suture kit will complete it. Aside from that, I'll run it as is. I have an EMT kit and a larger survival bugout bag, but this one will live in my car when I don't have other gear with me.

The product listing goes over everything in it, and it's well organized and labeled. You should familiarize yourself with it when you first get it, so you're not in a panic trying to dig through it all for something when there's a problem. The bag itself is awesome on its own, but the contents of this are very good as well. You can sub higher end bits if you need to- like better shears etc., but what's in there will get you through."

Discover why many survivalists are turning to the Surviveware for their needs. Click here to order your Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit today. Limited kits are available, so be sure to purchase your kit immediately.

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