Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit Trusted Essential for Long Excursions

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Portable Camping First Aid Kit Gains Recommendation from Amazon Customer

First aid and outdoor safety are one of the most overlooked areas of backcountry camping. Outdoorsmen unconsciously focus on their gear and tools and often forget to bring a more reliable and heavy-duty first aid kit. Thus, when an accident strikes, they are left at the mercy of fellow hikers and emergency responders.

Seeing the need for an easy-carry yet fully packed first aid kit, Surviveware, a leading manufacturer of preparedness and safety gear, created their favorite life-saving pack, the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit. This innovative travel first aid kit offers a new level of preparedness for outdoorsmen, responders, and adventure-seekers.

What made this pack standout among other life-saving packs lies in its outstanding features. Surviveware uses a 600D polyester fabric for the soft shell case of their packs to provide the rugged and sleek finish to their kits. This material is perfect for the varying weather conditions of the backcountry. Moreover, since the bag of this camping first aid kit is crafted using durable cloth material, it doesn’t add any excess weight to the entire pack.

Apart from its soft-shell casing, one of the notable features of this small first aid kit is its organized and labeled compartments. The organized structure and labeled markings help in making the pack accessible and functional. Since everything is marked, bystanders and even kids can use this kit with ease. This feature is essential, especially during critical situations where every second count.

Unlike other kits in the market intended to be kept inside one’s backpack, Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit offers a different kind of versatility. Each pack comes with a MOLLE-friendly system that allows the kit to be strapped to one’s bag with ease. The heavy-duty snaps secure the kit in place, thereby allowing outdoorsmen and adventure-seekers to maximize the space of their hiking and camping packs. The durable top handle also provides another means for carrying the pack. The loop can be hooked to one’s bag using a carabiner, further increasing the travel first aid kit’s accessibility.

Aside from these main features, this camping first aid kit also boasts a wide array of first aid supplies. Each bag comes with 100 pieces of life-saving items that one can use to patch up cuts, wounds, scrapes, and bruises obtained from hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit comes with various adhesive bandages, gauze pads, cleansing and sting relief wipes, steri-strips, and triangular bandages. The company also added first aid tools such as trauma shears, tweezers, splinter probes, a removable CPR kit, and other items that one can use during an emergency. The company also added a first aid handbook that kit owners could use to familiarize themselves with.

Surviveware’s innovative packs have continuously captured the attention of hikers, campers, and adventure-seekers. In the review written by one of the company’s Amazon customer, he shared how this travel first aid kit would make an ideal backpacking and outdoor pack.

“I don’t think you can over emphasized the importance of having a good first aid kit for when you travel or when you are doing your outdoor activities. This fits the bill. It is extremely well organized and has all the essentials that you would need for an extended trip such as a four-day backpacking trip or canoeing. It’s extremely well-made, the contents are itemized in such a way that you can get to them very quickly. It also has a couple of different ways you can attach it to your pack or your gear. I highly recommend it for anybody that does not have one and that engages in outdoor activities.”

Make your safety your main priority during your backpacking and hiking trips. Order your Surviveware Small First Aid Kit today by clicking here.

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