Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit Recommended by Outdoorsy Techie

Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit is Must-Have for Short Hikes and Drone Flying

Short excursions and hikes are refreshing pastimes; spending time in nature brings about not only a connection to the environment, but also a means to disconnect from the busyness of daily life.

Miles away from hospitals and clinics, it is important to have a first aid kit for outdoor survival to treat any wounds sustained. This pressing need led prominent adventure survival gear retailer, Surviveware, to launch its lauded Small First Aid Kit.

Surviveware's Small Hiking First Aid Kit contains life-saving medical supplies in a portable and lightweight pack. Each pack comes with 100 first aid provisions that target wounds such as abrasions, punctures, and lacerations, as well as other common injuries such as concussions, bites, twists, and sprains. Essential items include bandages, adhesives, gauze pads, steri-strips, and cleansing and antiseptic wipes that can be used to remedy cuts and scrapes. Other supplies such as splinter probes, sting relief wipes, tweezers, nitrile gloves, and trauma shears are also included. This first aid kit also contains a CPR kit and first aid guide that can be used during critical moments.

All of the items are stored inside a soft-shell case made from 600D polyester. Unlike plastic casing that adds weight and cracks under pressure, this kit is malleable enough to fit in nooks, drawers, glove compartments, and other small spaces.

What makes this one-pound Surviveware first aid kit a survival must-have is its accessibility and convenience. Its durable straps enable it to be secured to MOLLE systems on rucksacks, hydration packs, hiking packs, bicycles, tents, hammocks, belt loops, and more. The loophole on top of the pack allows the kit to be attached to a carabiner and hooked to hiking gear with ease. These carrying options make the hiking first aid kit an ideal pack for excursions and day hikes.

Surviveware's first aid kits continuously gain praise from outdoorsmen across the country. A Surviveware Amazon customer shared his satisfaction with his purchase in the following review:

"I'm extremely happy with this first aid kit and equally happy with the customer service. I purchased this kit for a sling bag I carry for short hikes and drone flying. It is light and the perfect size for my needs. It has everything I hope to never need but will have it if needed.

I received a free flashlight with it, and I'm quite impressed. Though I haven't needed any customer service, I'm sure it would come easy. The owners are hands-on and hands down the best I've dealt with in a long time. Thank You, Surviveware!"

Do more of what you love while staying on the safe side with Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit. Click here to get your first aid kit now.

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