Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit Makes Wildfire Evacuation Easier

Leading Preparedness and Emergency Gear Offers Peace of Mind during Emergencies

With calamities and emergencies happening when one least expects it, it's important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and have a first aid kit ready. Adventure and preparedness brand Surviveware has tailored a set of first aid kits to complement efforts during times of calamities and emergencies. Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit is an ideal safety package that provides adequate support to preppers and survivalists building their emergency and preparedness bags.

The case of the Small First Aid Kit is one of its notable selling points. Its soft-shell is made of 600D polyester fabric, which is ideal for keeping the kit's contents clean and fresh, especially during evacuations. The polyester fabric is water-resistant, which allows the kit to float in water. The kits durable fabric prevents breaks and tears unlike plastic-cased kits that crack under pressure. This medical first aid pack can resist stress and fits in nooks, glove compartments, and tiny spaces in crammed rucksacks. It’s ability to withstand frost, makes the pack practical during winter emergencies.

This outdoor and emergency pack comes with organized and labeled compartments. Each partition is labeled and stipulates the content and quantity of each item informing users where a particular item is located at a glance. This feature is perfect for first timers and for those who panic in emergencies. The bag also comes with a first aid guide to help owners familiarize themselves with the appropriate first aid care for any injury in an emergency.

Surviveware's backpacking first aid kit is packed with 100 medical provisions that fit immediate requirements when building go-bags. Included in this 8" x 6" x 3" bag are adhesive strips, bandages, steri strips and alcohol and cleansing wipes. The kit also contains essentials such as antiseptic and sting relief wipes, nitrile gloves, eye pads, emergency blankets, and cotton swabs. The company leveled-up the game by providing a detachable CPR kit that can be hooked to a belt loop or key ring.

The backpacking first aid kit is sought-after due to its portability. It can be carried using the MOLLE-friendly straps attached to the back. These straps can be conveniently attached to an emergency backpack even if a backpack is not MOLLE-supported, Surviveware's medical first aid pack can simply be hooked on with a carabiner.

One of Surviveware's Amazon customers who was building his go-bag recently purchased his Small First Aid Kit. In his review, he mentioned how the kit made a huge impact on his preparedness plan and helped him feel secure during their recent evacuation.

“If you've been thinking about getting a first aid kit for your car, boat, RV, house, or go-bag... stop looking... you've found an awesome kit at a great price from an U.S. family-owned company. I ordered two kits for our Go-Bags. When the wildfires hit, we were in an evacuation zone. I had so much peace of mind knowing we had a well-stocked first-aid kit with us. It comes with some cool features and tools. The one I got is compact but carries a ton of stuff. It comes with a survival whistle and everything I think I would need for a Go-Bag first-aid kit. Not only are all the materials durable, but they ship it in a waterproof pouch that I decided to leave it in so it could be protected.

After you order it, don't forget to open it up, inside they have a code for a free survival low-profile flashlight. I ordered mine and had to reach out to customer service. They really are a U.S. owned, family business. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with their customer service. Most companies just answer your question and are not very helpful or personable, but these guys showed how much they care. It's really remarkable to come across a company that actually puts in that kind of effort. They were so communicative and kind. I not only recommend this product, but I also recommend this company.”

Make your family's safety your top priority. Keep them safe any time of the day by having a medical first aid pack. Get your Surviveware Small First Aid Kit now by clicking here.

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