Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit Makes Impact Among Survivalists

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Small First Aid Kit Gains Traction Among Camping Community

Continuous exposure to various calamities, accidents, and hazards has prompted many individuals to seek first aid gear and tools that can help preserve their safety and alleviate their pain from the injuries that they sustained.

The growing demand for medical and survival gear and equipment has triggered the commercialization of safety gear which is readily available on the market. Adventure enthusiasts and survivalists are looking for products that fit not only their safety needs but also their lifestyle. Surviveware, a leading brand for hikers and campers, is one of the reliable sources for first aid kits and adventure gear.

Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit is designed to provide maximum assistance and protection during tough and critical situations. The kit comes in a water-resistant 600D Polyester bag that helps preserve the freshness of the medical provisions stored inside the kit. Moreover, the cloth material is sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. This feature is essential for hiking and camping gear that is used in varying weather conditions.

Enhanced protection is also included in this portable first aid kit. Supplies are stored in individual resealable packaging to make sure that the items are protected from water, moisture, dirt, and even frost. These laminate pouches also ensure that the content is organized and stored accordingly.

This compact kit boasts a convenient carrying system that works well for any MOLLE compatible straps. It has a functional ring hole on the back-side of the pack that allows the kit to be attached to a carabiner and hung on a hammock, rucksack, or tent.

The kit also comes with a wide array of supplies that can be used for various kinds of accidents. Surviveware’s compact kit contains 100 medical supplies to treat wounds, insect bites, sprains, and other injuries that need immediate stabilization. Filled with bandages, gauze swabs, adhesives, and steri-strips, this small first aid kit still holds other relevant supplies in it. Other life-saving items such as nitrile gloves, splinter probes, antiseptic wipes, cotton swabs, emergency blankets, eye patch, and sting relief pads are stored in this one-pounder pack. The kit also contains 6” shears and a CPR kit that can be attached to a key holder or carabiner. Despite carrying all of these supplies, the kit still has ample space for users to add personal items.

Surviveware’s small first aid kit provides a convenient way of storing and retrieving items. All provisions are stored in resealable laminate pouches which are kept in labeled mesh compartments. This storage system doesn’t only seal the freshness of the items; it also provides a convenient way of locating, retrieving and replenishing supplies. Moreover, since the kit is labeled, search time is minimized, and medical care is maximized.

This first aid kit is also FSA-approved which means kit owners can get the most out of their hard-earned pre-tax income while providing utmost protection to their loved ones. Purchasing Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit is the best way to maximize and utilize their yearly contributions on products that fit their everyday health needs.

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