Surviveware’s Outdoor High-Quality Duct Tape Outclasses Others

Surviveware’s Duct Tape The New Outdoor Must-Have

Being in the middle of nowhere with broken boots or a torn tent is a bad situation to be in, especially if the right repair tools are not nearby.

Surviveware, a favorite outdoor and preparedness retailer, created a new outdoor life-saver for backcountry repairs and makeshift equipment on the go - the Surviveware Outdoor Duct Tape. This latest addition to the company’s product line is a versatile and handy repair tool in the wilderness.

The heavy-duty duct tape is a trusted outdoor companion for adventure-seekers weighing only 5 oz, it comfortably fits in a pocket, is easily packed in a backpack or clipped on the outside with a carabiner clip or paracord.

Surviveware knows that backcountry repairs can be challenging, especially without shears, knives, or other cutting tools, so they ensured that this outdoor tape could be torn easily by incorporating easy-tear technology but still highly durable. The tape is long-lasting and withstands constant wear and tear, intense heat, and moisture.

You name it, it does it. From broken kayaks to torn tents and ripped tarps, most hiking gear can be fixed using this outdoor tape. It has also been known to repair broken water bottles and flappy shoe soles, a versatile and valuable addition to any country repair kit.

This heavy-duty duct tape can also be used for makeshift first-aid and camping essentials. The tried and tested two-inch roll is handy for crafting an emergency splint, arm sling, butterfly bandage, or arm brace. A forgotten cup or bowl can also be artfully constructed with this adaptable tape.

Portable repair buddies are invaluable for camping and hiking in the wilderness. A Surviveware Amazon customer recently expressed the importance of having a roll of heavy-duty duct tape for those tight situations in the backcountry.

“This tape is perfect for packing in your camping or outdoor bag. Nice and thick and very tacky - will work for whatever you need it for. The box has usage ideas and suggestions, pretty thoughtful details! It’s more convenient than duct tape because the roll is smaller and packs easier. It is more expensive than duct tape certainly but I don’t foresee it going brittle like the silver tape does when it ages. This stuff is sure to last and work better for flexible items like inner tubes and such.”

Make outdoor repairs possible with Surviveware’s Outdoor Duct Tape. Get yours today by clicking here.

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