Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Seals Another 4.9 Star Review

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Leading First Aid Kit From Surviveware Showcases Strength In Its 1500th Review

Surviveware, a trusted brand by hikers, hunters, and professional adventure-seekers, has grown to be one of the most recommended brands for preparedness and safety gear. The company has continued to showcase their worth through their high-quality first aid packs. The Large Outdoor First Aid Kit is highly sought after by campers, leisure and extreme hikers. This kit has proven its worth in reliability, with 1500 great reviews on Amazon.

This large first aid kit, which can be purchased using one’s FSA funds, contains 200 functional first aid emergency items and weighs in at miniscule 4-pounds. It provides an assortment of supplies for handling cuts, bruises, puncture wounds, splinters, twisted ligaments and insect bites with additional space for steri-strips, creams, prescriptions and an Epi-pen.

Amazon customers love that Surviveware's Large Outdoor First Aid Kit comes with laid-out and clearly labeled partitions. The sections are marked with contents, usage, and the number of supplies stored in each compartment, useful when retrieving supplies or restocking the kit.

Included in this well stocked pack is an advanced first aid manual that can be studied by kit owners and also serves as a guide for bystanders who want to help out. A mini first-aid pack has ingeniously been added to the large pack to ensure that you’re never without first aid support wherever you go.

A Surviveware Amazon customer and hunting enthusiast, shared the reason behind her purchase and her impression of this first aid kit.

“I bought this first aid kit to put in my Ranger UTV. I hunt in a remote area of Texas and you just never know what can happen. In year's past we have had broke ankle, minor burns, severe cuts, one concussion, scorpion and killer bee stings, bad mesquite thorn penetrations. The opportunity is there for snake bites, God forbid accidental gunshot wounds, and vehicle accidents. With the items I supplemented this kit with I feel certain that I am prepared for almost anything that might come up. Its a great kit, well equipped, and easy to identify what I need quickly. I would recommend this kit to anyone. Oh and by the way, GREAT customer service!”

Don't miss the chance of owning an expanded first aid kit. Use your FSA card to order your Surviveware Large First Aid Kit today. Click here to get started.

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